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  • I hardly check on here, sorry about that!~

    Maybe you do? I've been an online internet user since 1998. XD
    Thanks for the comment! I am alright at drawing in the traditional styles but none to good at this anime style. The style everyone seems to like the most is this really stylized cartoonish thing. I have way too much formal training. It is hard to relearn something like that.
    Gotta go, work day tomorrow. At least I am at home these days, they finally hired some one for out west!
    A babe with big guns! No not body parts, guns! Ok so a few body parts as well.
    The trip is my 20th wedding anniversary. I am taking the wife to Hawaii. and yes I meant the main FAF under Doggywolf67.
    I added a dozen sketches of characters from the books and stories I write. Some day I may learn how to draw!
    Hey there! How you doing? I had to get a new computer so not yet used to it. Added a bunch more art to the main.
    I will be going on a trip next week so will be gone for around ten days.
    Really! Sounds like a true custom to me. It sounds like it's worth the buy. It does have a for sale sign on it, right?

    Yeah, I did. You caught me.
    Great chattin at ya! i gotta get some sleep for now but probably on again tomorrow evening some time. I go home again this saturday but that will be a very long drive. So maybe on again on Sunday. Take care and be safe on those things!
    Yours does not have REVERSE? How do get it off of the trailer? I have the tires but for what I use it for the tracks are much better! Now that I know not to get off of it in deep snow until I have the snow shoes sitting there.. HAHAHAHAHa. It still makes me laugh.
    55 yep! So it is still smaller than my Polaris 850 with the tracks? Probably handles better!
    Back in Nodakia again! work only 10.5 hours but was good until my wife reminded me that I will be a senior citizen in four months! What kind of 4-wheeler?
    I just looked up some engines and holy shit, I spit my soda out. Over $17,000? This might have to wait a little bit...lol
    idk about the 440 monster (I think it is...), auto, not convertible
    I could go on, but there is so many I could name, that'd it just be simple to leave as those four. 4WD was still a new thing with cars in the mid-80s, so not very many cars had it. Good luck with the search.

    Now that I think about it... both, but in different ways. In traditional folktales, foxes were often portrayed as tricksters, decievers, or just being very sly sneaky, and clever. Innuendo was one method used to trick others, and throw them off, among other uses. Unlike today's foxes of the furry interweb. :V

    Like I said in the thread, the furry, and motoring world don't often co-relate, but there really isn't a reason why they don't either, aside from having different passions. It could yield a lot of possiblities. The Road Runner really wasn't "that" kind of car, but have one meant you were gold. For furs like us, the Road Runner decals would only make it that much mor valuable. But personally, I'm more interested in the car.
    I though so. I put them in order-of-probability. It's actually rare that you see Audi Quattros, and Peugeots in the US at all, let alone a 205 Turbo 16.

    Innuendic statements is something in which a fox knows no bounds... :V

    I've heard a bit about "Coyotes". I could have sworn I mentioned something about cars and furcons last night in the cars thread. It think it might be an interesting idea... considering the closest thing I've seen to it is the old Plymouth Road Runner of the 70s. But the Road Runner icons on it were only for endorsement. I say have a crack at it!
    One day indeed.

    Judging by the description, it could be one of these...

    1. First Generation Subaru Impreza (chance of it being a WRX/WRX STi)
    2. Fifth Generation (?) Toyota Celica GT-FOUR (ST165)
    3. An Audi Quattro
    4. A Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 (there is a low chance of this, but still a contender)

    It should also be noted, that none of these potential candidates have a 4WD decal on the fender (some older Subaru models have one on the rear window), and that the Celica GT-FOUR, Auid Quattro, and 205 Turbo 16 were only offered with manuals. Judging by the description, it might have been modified. Unless there is still more info, that's about all I can give at the moment.

    No more need be said. It's pretty obvious what would happen at that point... and true point. Being a Car Fox makes for much more of a plethora of possibilities... if you know what I mean. :V hehehe

    Me knowing you, there is always something new. So lay it on me!
    It's like I get better each time.

    Now that you describe it, tell me a little more about how it looked. I'm beginning to piece some contenders together. I have seen one guy do something similar with an old Fiat 500. He swapped the I2 with a different one from a sports bike, twin-turbocharged it, and upped the displacement to 600cc. Another swapped the stock I2 with an I4, equipping a single turbo, and racing fuel injectors. Both were very quick, and the one with the I4 had some wide fenders.

    I think I should have thought of it sooner, but it's done now. I surely could try, but being slutty isn't of my nature... even though the rest of FAF begs to differ. Eversince that one thread, the reputation of foxes changed forever.
    Always keep your protective gear in mind... even if you don't intend to wear it. :V hehehe...

    What kind of Subaru are talking about? Between the Forester, Legacy/Outback, and Impreza/WRX/WRX STi, they're all viable candidates. It'd be something absoulutely worth seeing, I'd tell you that! It's always very interesting when people turn innocent city-drivers (especially small, tamer cars) into brutal race machines. A smart would be one of the last things you'de expect on the circuit. Things you could think of...
    Holy shit, just noticed this now.
    I'm sure thinks that as a first thought when they hear "Race car". But the firesuits and helmets drivers are required to wear preserve body heat pretty well, and some race car cockpits actually heat up during a run, normally when they have fixed windows, and/or doors. This isn't intentional, but it happens. It really helps to have at least one friend who can give you a tow with his truck. And if they don't get their in 30 minutes or less, your service is free. :V hehe

    600 HP is plenty. Surprisingly, a lot of rally cars compatible on circuits, and road courses. You really just need to change the tire type, and make a few quick adjustments to the suspension. Then you have it track-ready. Short answer: yes, given you have to modify a smart car pretty heavily in order to be competetive, and same goes for the Toyota/Scion iQ. You might be thinking of rallycross, which is very similar in concept. There are other sports similar to rallying and rallycross, but can't think of them offhand.
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