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  • Did you just say... YOLO? THAT'S IT! This friendship is over! >:V
    (But really, I hate that word.)
    It is perfect. It reminds me of ye olden times. Where did you get a snapshot of it?
    We are already the butt of the world.

    What are you going to do? Talk about our "guberment"? :V
    Because November is the BEST month. Except for February... the mating season. :V
    Well, I'm better today. I just have to smoothen these emotional bumps and lows in my life.
    I'm not even sure now... everything just seem dark and hostile nowadays. Maybe it is, maybe it's not. But sure as hell feels like it.
    They are THAT bad. I could mention a lot of things I observed over the years, but I never told anyone, since I always thought I'm wrong. Turns out yesterday, I'm not so wrong. And the world isn't even as much sunshine and happiness as people pretend it to be.
    Don't worry. Apparently, most of this forum, or the human race for that matter, doesn't.
    I know you ment it as sarcasm, but sadly, it's true.
    If "thin" means that I actually have emotions, feel things and I'm capable of empathy and not trying to act a certain, cold, rigid way, like a douchebag just so I can hang around other douchebags, than yes. I have a "thin skin".
    I'm not sure about the welcome part. Never really felt welcome ever here. Especially since I just make it worse for my self with each post...
    Geniuses refused to report the NSFW crap and look what has happend : (

    So now we need to create a skype group to have a group chat.
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