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  • Nope. I study network building and repair (bad translation probably). Basicly I haveto set up all the devices in a computer network, meaning routers, swiches and various end devices. I also haveto set up servers on a computer and do maintance on the computer, both hardware and software. These two were 3 hours both in the exam. Than there was a two hour test in a "real life scenario", like I had to add a new computer into an existing network and set it up and set it on the server.

    Yep... grass growing mostly with all the long instalations. :/
    It went mostly fine, but there are a lot of chaos around wich part goes with wich moduel and how much percent they count towards the final grade. A piece of the exam sliped to tomorrow tho because we cant have more than a total of eight hours to do the exams a day by law, so it didnt fit in today. Tho I might have failed a moduel previously because it seems it didnt have a second part today. :S Apart from that everythings fine. :)
    I'm currently at a friends house exactly one town over. He has lots of internets, and his town has a few more job opportunities. I just don't feel like changing my title because I'm not NEARLY as active as I was... and it's 6 am. x3
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