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  • I KNOW

    in my defense, the chili turned out DAMN good.

    so did the basement cave drawings--er, or at least they look trippy at least. XD
    neener neener I'm like half an hour from her house

    I'll be there before youuuu will :D
    It's like you have a boner for the Queen

    powerful supergenarian fetish :3
    Because that's like the 10th time someone's called me gay. It annoys me.
    Kinda weak. Good potential though. And you should shoehorn AIDS or something in there to make sure some self righteous prick comes along and challenges your moral integrity.
    (part 2)

    I made a gay joke because I designed amethyst monsters and they were purple and I went like "pretty purple imps" and some guy got his panties in a bunch, then we were talking about the attributes of a game session ... and the guy i was talking to said "you session doesn't have ..." and I automatically anwered 'oh yeah ? Well your face doesn't have ... !" and it turned out "..." was "cancer" and they got all angry about that.
    Then some dude kept being disconnected from the chat and said "if I find whoever causes me to disconnect I will torture him so much that Mengele will look like a decent human being" and I said "he's kind of okay in my book, Slayer wrote a song about him that's pretty cool :p" (note the bolded part) and they flipped out. And I'm like "it's funny because it's not true and the song is from a satanic metal band and even them call him an asshole" and they flipped out anyway.

    It's hard being the standard bearer for offensive French humour.
    Naw they were more like spur-of-the-moment blurts based to catch off guard by the sheer astonishing audacity of the subject matter and since no one in the goddamn western world except francophones seems to think that humour should have no boundaries whatsoever, I get in trouble.

    (part two incoming because character limit reached)
    Well, honestly, I don't think I really want to do a stream, for multiple reasons.

    But I can take some requests. Tho I'll have to think about when, and that from the few people I know, or a more public one.
    Also, how many. And I'll have to think about if I even can do it.

    Just another day as a run-down-two-dollar-smuck-artist. :V
    Awww, don't worry. I might do a livestream where you amd maybe others (tho I'm fairly possitive noone would show up :p ) can request a picture. Would that make you feel better? :p
    Not much.
    I'm toying around with Livestream at the moment. And I'm trying to draw. Tho it seems I have two states as an artist.
    One where I have ideas but no motivation to draw them.
    And two, when I have motivation, but no idea what to draw.

    Scumbag brain...

    Also, I derped again with the visitor messages. >.>
    No matter what the EU does, it won't change a thing. We don't have good politicians. None. Zero. So if Fidesz gets removed, or steps down, it won't matter. We will only get a new set of jackasses who continue where these idiots left off.
    At least me being a moderator wouldn't result in the worldwide condemnation of homosexuals and the harbouring of pederasts inside of an institution that's supposed to act as a moral guide to the people :V
    What ? I just don't like that this guy barges in and posts in five or six X-month old posts with inane one line answers. Also I PM'd him and explained the rules and he totally ignored it so I was a little grumpy.
    I'll maybe give it a long hard think in a couple of days once my physics exam is over ... until then I've got to go to bed then wake up tomorrow to study.
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