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    New Years Resolutions!

    Finish my courses, acquire a new skill and become less of a bad better person.
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    Whose Border Region?

    Good Bye, Lenin! Less fortunate tidings tell Yanukovych held a secret meeting with Putin on Friday which 'consolidated their countries strategic partnership'. On Sunday this treachery again led to hundreds of thousands protesting in Kyiv (explanation for which is 'cold weather makes people...
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    Whose Border Region?

    I thought you did not want to argue with a Cold War brainwashed dinosaur. Germany is still paying reparations for 1933-1945 fascism. Consider the gas a beginning for your 1917-ongoing, would you? A-aunt Azure... you say things I could only whisper in total darkness. Clips from that show were...
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    RIP Nelson Mandela

    Mandela was in his own class of politicians. Not only in contrast to leaders of the Apartheid but those corrupt, racist incompetents who followed it. Comparing Nelson Mandela to Warlord Bush, even for the sake of an argument, deserves its own very special classification on the DSM with the...
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    Whose Border Region?

    A good Intermarium with a bit of Prometheism would have kept the thugs in their own territory. :F
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    Whose Border Region?

    All three post-independence presidents of Ukraine have given their endorsement for the protest in 'solidarity with the peaceful civic actions of hundreds of thousands of young Ukrainians', the ruling government survived a vote of no confidence a few days ago, and Yanukovych fled to China while...
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    Whose Border Region?

    This is the most common rebuttal I ever hear; that all European, and especially US American, major news media is somehow stuck to the Red Scare era and is utterly incompetent to deliver a balanced story on any defence, political or social issues in the area. A more likely explanation is that...
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    Whose Border Region?

    What does Chernobyl have to do with Ukraine's chocolate industry? It is not as if they grow their own cocoa there. It is a common practice in Russian foreign policy to impose arbitrary trade sanctions against countries with which they have disagreements. In the proper neo-Soviet imperialist...
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    Whose Border Region?

    Ukrainian Protests If you did not already, now know there is again a Glorious Revolution brewing in Ukraine. In 2005 the Orange Revolution swept the president-elect Viktor Yanukovych from power after a rigged election he had 'won'. He has since returned to office as President of Ukraine in...
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    Favourite accents?

    Suomalainen korostus on mitä kaunein. Sitä ei pidä häpäistä vierailla kielillä.
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    Ever wish you were another race?

    Never since becoming an honorary Aryan. :V
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    first in 100 years

    Enough that in northern and eastern rural areas poaching has become a thing, and poachers are treated as heroes and martyrs. The rhetoric makes one think the subject would be human criminals the state lets run wild in the countryside.
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    first in 100 years

    For a species on the brink of a local extinction, not killing a human since 1881, hatred and fear against it seem to have taken almost mythical proportions.
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    USA moving to potentially strike syria

    I favour non-intervention on principle. On the other hand, although via the US and its poodles, smearing burden of the civilised world in the face of Syria and its fellow tin-pot dictatorships, ever hiding behind the excuse of a 'state's internal affairs', would be a thrill.
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    Journalist Removed From Panel for Being Off-Topic: Internet Explodes

    Indeed. Russia bombs and invades mainly European countries.