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  • oh god the floor is lava one is the best. His stupid face and everyone else going >:C is priceless.
    Oh, Welsh is pretty easy to explain. Just, get a bad throat infection and stop saying vowels. :L
    Pretty much a tourist-attracting name. Apparently, this works, though who cares enough to see it is beyond me.

    Old languages are terribly misbehaved. It makes me unhappy when I try to understand grammatical rules that only apply some certain percent of the time.
    Tell you what, you think English has some funny linguistic nonsense, try welsh.

    Vowels are jumped over fairly often. Words mutate 5 or so different ways. And we actually have a place called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
    I know right? It's crazy, once by grandma had to talk with a police officer because a taxi wouldn't drive her because she didn't spoke french. Was fun but know I need to sleep, it's already 6 AM here lol, bye =3
    Actually french is also form that branch, kinda strange but true! Well you got Canada too, it should also be useful there, only toronto though, canadians are supposed to be nicer =P
    Yea, they all come from the same branch, latin, I have a brazilian friend and also have to deal some times with brazilians, for the proximaty I suppose so it's quite to useful for me to know some basic portuguese, well atleast knowing their language french people won't hate you for speaking english haha
    That's amazing! I learnt french and portuguese at school, but I can't recall much, I try too improve my portuguese in internet, as well my english
    dude can i write a visitor message to myself
    wait is this awkward and socially unacceptable like this'ing yourself or liking your own status on fb

    .... yes definitely awk....

    screw it. meep.
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