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  • Tried to send a friend invite on Steam but a lot of people's IDs are Spetnaz, couldn't tell which one was yours. My user is Jego My Lego if you wanna send me an invite
    Sweet, I can't wait to play with you. I'm busy the rest of this week but I should be free starting next week. My Steam name is in my sig. And if you can't find it Google the direct Steam ID on my profile.
    Hey, man. Can you search and add me on Steam, please? I tried searching your name and got hundreds of results. My Steam ID is LazerMaster5, BTW.
    Well I see there is someone else here that's the same age as me. And if I recall correctly, you play Smash? And you have a Steam account... Hmm, we could become good friends. :3 Hello, hello.
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