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    15$ detailed sketch/lineart commission!

    I'm not here to buy, but holy crap! that's some awesome work you got there O.o I often think the pricing is a bit to high for commissions, but $15 would totally be worth getting your art. Good luck!
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    Freya (Norse goddess) alter image

    Heh, being swedish just like the one above, I like those gods too, but I don't draw humans very good, I'm more of a furry artist, but I might give it a try for fun... gotta learn to draw humans sometime anyway =P
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    I need three pics... doesn't have to be cheap just good :)

    I'm interested, tho you be the judge if my art is good enough ;) My galleries are: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bloostreak/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/matrixe/ http://bluestreakfus.deviantart.com/ I'm thinking about fusioning two of them.. Buying a better tablet next week, so any extra...
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    Cheap commissions? >.>;

    Right, I'm saving up for a Wacom Volito2 so I felt like trying to take a few commissions... Cheap commissions. Right now I'm only taking safe-for-work pics Pricing(not definite): $4-5 or something for a sketch and and just... MORE for an inked pic, say $5-6 or what you feel like paying.. it's...
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    request meee :3

    Right, for Koomie, here's my rendering of your character Nizam, I like the guy! =D http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/9620/nizam.jpg Posting it in my gallery now aswell ^^
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    request meee :3

    Alright, it seemes I got a bit busy with other things, a quite big project infact, so these requests are going a little slow. But they (the ones I choose) will get done! I need to practice doing requests so I'll know if I can move on to doing cheap commisions later on =P Just informing.
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    request meee :3

    Done! here you go: http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/6857/scan0013x22sd.jpg =) If I could color, I'd do that as well ^^
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    request meee :3

    hehe thanks ^^ And oh, if you're gonna have that as an avatar I'll have to ink it atleast, it looks a bit pale like that =)
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    request meee :3

    Didn't make him look crazy, but I think it came out pretty nice anyway ^^ http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/387/scan0013.jpg Right, let's see which I'll do next..
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    A Big Deal (PLEASE READ!)

    Oooooh, now this caught my eye. I've been wanting to actually put some effort into a pic.. there are so many extremely talented artist here on FA that I don't think you'll pick anything I might do, so for now I'll simply say that I'm interested, and that I'll secretly go sketch now.... >.> I'm...
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    request meee :3

    Lazar, no no, I wouldn't mind drawing it, I'm not sure if I'll manage to with everything else I'm doing atm >.>
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    request meee :3

    Chronic, I like that, simple and fun =D Koomie, I'll take a look at them later today =) Looks like I got more requests than I though I would, I might not do every one of them, I'm only human.. atleast my brain is... anyway, I got some pretty nice ideas now =)
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    request meee :3

    Melchi, it sounds like the adult furre is going to throw him away like, "a one and a two and a.." xD Mrfurry, dang, that's a nice pic you have already, I can't match that in any way. just a question, is that how you'd like to be portrated or do you have another written description of yourself...
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    request meee :3

    I haven't drawn anything for several days and I'm getting abstinent from it, but I don't have any ideas of what to draw :c Request anything, I prefere non yiff tho :)
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    Random Requests Thread

    Cool :) And now that you've placed the idea in my head, I think I'm gonna make some kind of comic too... not that I think I will get anywhere with it, I never do with comics =P Guess I'm gonna have to think up some designs for the characters now xD