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    Question on Prints

    Howdy! I used Kinkos for several years before I was able to upgrade to my own printer. It'll boil down to a something over a $1 a print at Kinkos. Now a days, they will point you to their "self service" computers, which you have to sit down and print things out yourself. It charges by the...
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    How to draw male canine genitalia?

    I suppose it really isn't socially acceptable to go out and find the real thing. >;] "'Excuse me, mam, may I have a look at your dog's crotch?" Anyhow, photos are really your best reference for the actual look. It's tough to try and understand something just from photos, but I'm afraid...
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    I've been told my art sucks... opinions?

    Well, I'd say the first thing is to take negative criticism, especially something so boldface as "your art sucks", with a grain of salt. Art is something that's perpetually improving--and subject to some serious point of opinion. Criticism is great when it's constructive, but when it comes...
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    Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07

    I just love telling people about the forearm/foot ratio, because I know they're going to do it. >;D Glad it was helpful! Cheers, -Blotch[/i]
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    Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07

    Looks awesome! :] Body and anatomy all look nice and sound. If you want me to get nitpicky, all I'd have to say is the right eye and ear look a tad small. >:] Still, that's just me wearing my fussy pants.
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    Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07

    Bah, you flatter me. ;] Trust me, I didn't wake up one morning able to draw--I could scan some of my old sketchbook pages (all the while cringing) and you'd see just what I mean. I went to school for art and struggled and made a couple breakthroughs and here I am today--still trying to improve...
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    Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07

    Hullo! His head, ears and body are extremely kangaroo-ish and look great! Kangaroos are hard to anthropromorphize since they are already plantigrade and walk (well, hop) on two legs. I suppose you have to ask yourself if you'd rather humanize the roo all the way to the point of just having...
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    Muzzle Problems :/

    If you have a dog, or know someone who does, I'd say you should gently check out the dog's mouth. Nothing really helps like hands-on reference! But otherwise, you can turn to photos to try and figure out the way a dog's mouth works. It's pretty much open/close on the hinge, as with any animal...
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    Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07

    Aaah, the back. Everybody's favorite! ;) Firstly, I have to compliment you on your nice solid line work! Looks good. :] Now! The tail! The most important thing about a tail is it's the continuation of the spine. Humans have tail bones--you can feel yours. On an anthro, the tail would...
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    Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07

    Hullo! I'm glad to see some of your recent art! You're dragons have improved and the pose is very dynamic. It also looks like you're getting a grasp of good wing mechanics. Very nice! :] If you're going for making a plausible flying dragon, the one thing I would recommended considering...
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    Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07

    Hullo! I can tell you used some reference and have practiced drawing people before! Your proportions are great, specially with the woman's arm. When having trouble with hands, the best thing to do is check out your own hand--figure out how it moves, and if it's possible in the pose your...
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    Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07

    RE: Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 7/31/07 I'm not too busy for the next week or so and I thought I'd offer some more redlines or art advice if anyone needs help with a specific piece or pose! :] Bring it on! :D I'll get to as many as I can before they haul me away back to the circus! >;]
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    A question of copyright

    I suspect you're in the clear. The music itself is in the free domain now. The only thing would be using an orchestra's preformance of the music without their permission--but as a midi, again, I suspect you're safe to use it. :]
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    Critique a wolf

    Hullo! Your drawing looks nice, especially with the little bit of added shading. If I might make one quick observation which might help... :] Wolves have pretty distinctive profiles. They have sloping brows (unlike a fox, which has a domed brow, or a jackal that has a very triangular head) and...
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    Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 10/13/07

    RE: Offering Redlines < Resurrected! 7/31/07 As the updated title of the thread says, I'll be resurrecting this thing for a bit! I'll be stuck around my computer for the next week or so, so if you're having any trouble with some art, I'm to take a stab at a redline! Cheers, -Blotch