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  1. Blu-wolf

    What are your favorite uncommon furs?

    Not many otters out there, but they would be my favorite.
  2. Blu-wolf

    What Is Your Favorite Type Of Fursuit?

    2-D eyes are fine. Though I must admit, those that put LEDs in the eyes for nighttime give an interesting effect. Mouths that don't move. Its hard to line up speaking / mouth moving. Disney has it down with most of their costumes, but they're not out and about and only in shows. Splashes of...
  3. Blu-wolf

    Opinion on squeaky suiters?

    I've only seen two fursuiters actually use a squeaker effectively without being annoying: Telephone and Ari the blue wolf. If anyone that used a squeaker could emulate what these two fursuiters can pull off, then that makes your character far more interesting than just hearing squeak squeak...
  4. Blu-wolf

    Sing [from creators of Despicable Me]

    This doesn't appear to be something I'd want to waste $8 on. I wouldn't even rent it if its anything like the trailer.
  5. Blu-wolf

    What Are You Listening To?

    Good times jazz stuff....Duke Ellington! C Jam Blues
  6. Blu-wolf

    Wilhelm screams and other stock audio (Post your favorites!)

    This thread calls for a Wilhelm Scream I thought of "Castle Thunder" seeing this thread. It took a long time before that one was retired.
  7. Blu-wolf

    Am I The Only One That Finds This Funny?

    Youtube has comments? In all seriousness, I don't even scroll down that far to read those things because they're often quite vile. Worst thing that ever happened was allowing comments like that. They're hardly funny and worth my time to read. Just remember a lot of people wouldn't say half...
  8. Blu-wolf

    Are you edgy?

    Now that was funny! :D Which one do you agree with? Its obvious I like dogs (or canids) but my dogs will still obey me. ;) War on ponies (or did you mean bronies)? Nah, I'm on vacation right now.
  9. Blu-wolf

    peekaboo, I'm new

    Welcome to the community! As others have said, there is a lot to learn, and plenty you wish you didn't know, so tread carefully.
  10. Blu-wolf

    Well, I Had To Stop Lurking Eventually

    Welcome to the forum! Hope posting around helps you fill that social need.
  11. Blu-wolf

    Hi, I'm a new artist. : )

    Welcome. Never seen a skull unicorn before, that's a new one! :) Posting rules...can't think of any offhand that you ought to be aware of. Just take the good posts with the bad, and ignore what you don't need to get drawn in to.
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    Members by Species

    Username: Blu-wolf Species: timber wolf Category: Canids
  13. Blu-wolf

    Position an pot legalization

    Not at all interested in the substance, and never plan to try it, use it or otherwise have it set foot in my residence. It is medicinally legal in my state, and there's a place that gives it to those who have been prescribed it not too far away. If nothing else works to alleviate pain, and...
  14. Blu-wolf

    Are you edgy?

    I've never been "edgy" as I would describe the term. You can consistently read me, and probably tell exactly what I'll say before I even say anything! People called it "square" or "vanilla" a while back. ;)
  15. Blu-wolf

    What is the One musical genre that you say you hate the most?

    Any metal at all makes my ears bleed. I swear they're speaking English or whatever their main language is under all that noise. Oy! For music I wouldn't be caught dead blaring anywhere, its a lot of rap/hip-hop that sort of genre. For those that say all modern pop is crap, well, every decade...