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  1. Blue Snowangel

    Is Anyone's Fursona Not Muscular?

    My character is a lot like me, soft in the middle and bouncy up top.
  2. Blue Snowangel

    Paying well for good comissions

    Just tossing my name in there for consideration: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bluesnowangel/ I'm drawing closer on completing a few random commissions right now and am looking for more.
  3. Blue Snowangel

    Looking for anthro/nonanthro artists

    I'm still open for commissions, check out my user page.
  4. Blue Snowangel


    Ohhh, I love camping. We're trying to make some time to go camping before this summer ends. Smores, hotdogs on a stick, camp coffee, and sleeping under the stars with a can of bug repellent near by... *sigh* Yep, love it. :-)
  5. Blue Snowangel

    Furry Drama?

    On LJ furry drama is taken to a whole new level. *eye twitch* And not to mention some of my very first experiences in the fandom was stepping plum into the middle of the drama via the man I was starting to see seriously broke up with the other person he was seeing casually. Break ups are bad...
  6. Blue Snowangel

    Help me Fight Eviction

    I've added what I think is a nifty little piece that shows a bit more of my digital coloring style. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1484050/
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    Venus *cough* commissions *cough*

    I replied to your message. :-)
  8. Blue Snowangel

    what was your first impression?

    My first impression: "What a bunch of frickin' drama whores... but my I like this art." Current impression: "There are still a lot of drama whores... but I still love this art!"
  9. Blue Snowangel

    Re-Usable Grocery Bags

    Since the Wal*Mart bag program is still kinda new, cashier turn over, and the fact that most Americans aren't even use to the idea of reusable yet, it's one of those things that's going to take time for the cashiers to get use to, along with the customers. I have about 7 cloth bags I take with...
  10. Blue Snowangel

    Help me Fight Eviction

    Our landlord has been very lenient with us, giving us extra time to pay the rent given the current financial situation. However, his goodwill can only go so far and we need some extra money very badly to stay in our home. So, this auction isn't for anything neat like a convention or new tablet...
  11. Blue Snowangel

    Anti-Jew Muslim Little Kids Show

    Well, you know, Walt Disney was a proven antisemitic. I think this was the plan all along. lol
  12. Blue Snowangel

    It's not theft unless tangible goods were taken from the owner!

    Legally, tangible and intangible are a bit different than the standard definitions. Like take money for example, it is considered intangible because it's a piece of paper that represents a given dollar value. It's not really worth $50, it only represents the $50 value inscribed upon it by the...
  13. Blue Snowangel

    Who here has pets?

    We have 4 kitties. 2 ragdolls (brother and sister) named Pippin and Peanut, 1 black cat named Bullet, who's really a lover, and 1 Mainecoon female kitten named Sayuri. She just turned 3 months old and she's HUGE already and very very fuzzy.
  14. Blue Snowangel

    IMO Trolls are easy to bait !

    We're going to need the "Grow-a-Troll" kit, just add water, a drop of sarcasim, and hair of dog.
  15. Blue Snowangel

    Trouble with Legal Research

    *raises hand* I have three years in paralegal studies. When you are researching cases, it's basically a synopsis of the case details and findings presented at trail. And you'll mostly only find those that set precedence. A lot of the grunt leg work and method of discovery you will not see in...