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  • Thank you! It was drawn by Muzz. Sorry for the late reply! I didn't get any e-mail notification, and I haven't been on the forums recently. ^^;;
    I said paws.
    Check it.

    (and I'm sorry if it offends, but there is no way I am getting rid of my opposable thumbs for a 'sona. That shit's too useful.)
    Hot damn, you are a lazy fuck. :p
    Seeing as how we've kept talking for days, I know you can manage moving your paws around a keyboard.
    Thanks. It was drawn by a friend and was a complete surprise. I'll be sure to let him know you think it looks good. :)
    That's fine. :p I don't normally spend a whole lot of time on FAF, anyway. I usually just check it a few times a day.
    Ha, very nice! ^w^ I'm really excited for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the day after tomorrow it will be a countdown to midnight for me, then when that time comes and it turns to technically Friday, I will at long last be able to play the game~
    Now you sound like a motivational poster in a school guidance counselor's office. :)
    And now I'm picturing you as that poster with the cat hanging from the clothesline with the the slogan: Hang in there, baby.
    Huehuehuehue! Now that you're neutralized... *connects an alligator clip to both of your ears* I shall start really decorating *connects it to the christmas lights and wraps the wire around you*
    Err... *looks at the clump of dirt in his paws* electrics are weak to ground, right? *tossing it at your belly as you approach* ^^'
    A Nutcracker!!!? x_x You're nuts! *runs out of the tree and curls up inside a closet filled with christmas lights, holding a handful of ground dirt ready to toss at the luxray* >_>
    It was during a break while I was studying at college. I was writing a lot at the time, but decided to try a little sketch. I wanted to draw Pokemon, and I drew a Quilava, but then I thought "Sandslash is cute too!" and added some Sandslash features. :D I really liked how it turned out, so I got a commission... and the rest is history. I've identified with him as a character ever since~
    I didn't mean it to be done literally! *camouflages himself inside the christmas tree, holding a candycane like a crowbar* e-e
    I'm not too sure that would work... I suppose I would blink green and red if electricity is applied. XD
    You're making a lot of assumptions there.
    I pride myself on being a brat, which means I get into trouble quite often.
    Though, is the "better" kitty really the one who is less naughty? In terms of normal cat behavior... cats are dicks.
    Yeah... e-e
    I hope you'll get lot of lovely earworms the whole winter. ^-^
    Thanks a lot! ^^

    Nooo!!! You got that song stuck in my head again... ><
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