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  • Oh, if that happened with me, he would be pissed. He payed a good $1000 on his gaming computer. I am not fucking with that.
    This kitty knows her boundaries.
    It works best if your person is an avid gamer. However, there can be a downside. Either it works and they cave in out of irritation, OR they use you as a table for their mouse and keep playing anyway.
    A couple good nuzzles can be a nice added touch.
    Then, if it doesn't work, you lay across their keyboard while they're trying to play XCOM. >:)
    Cashews are so tasty.
    I can get kind of manipulative when it comes to his candy buying habits... just a little...
    Having boobs helps. :)
    My person buys candy all the time and I steal it from him. So far the best haul I've gotten was an entire bag of Dove dark chocolates.
    Then eat the bird later.
    Peanut butter M&M's are the best.
    I am a special kitty that can eat all the chocolate. No sickness except for the occasional tummy ache.
    I'm a kitty with a sweet tooth.
    Then eat her too. She's too chipper by half anyway. Take her bird pet and eat it in front of her to show her who's boss.
    If you were a true cat you would eat the highlander in the baseball cap (seriously, how fucking old is Ash by now??) and keep the blue haired chick as your grooming slave.
    Eh. It's a weird grey area. I suppose you can count... just this once. ;)
    HOWEVER...L\lion-based or no, you do lose some cat-cred by letting preteens capture you and make you cock fight for them. Just saying...
    Pokethingys are not kitties. Two very different species.
    You're just kitty-esque. No where in your little pokedex does it say you're part of the Felidae family.

    But you are blue... so you can't be that bad... (blue is my favorite color).
    (not weird. Yarn is cool, I used to do a lot of crafty things with yarn.)
    Perhaps they are aliens, equipped with laser sight meant to distract us so they can take over the world while we're preoccupied... Cause you know cats would look at an invasion and be all like "hellz no. You are not in MY napping spot. See all this earth? This is mine. See all these humans? They are MY slaves. GTFO."
    I have lots of toys. I've got balls of yarn and swatty things and scratching posts and every so often a red dot mysteriously appears and zooms about the room. That only happens when my person is nearby, though. Weird...
    Oh, wait, was that a reference to my username? Cause it took me entirely too long to get that. Heh. *self-conscious meow*
    No need to tell if you don't want to. I did a quick look at what C-diff is and it sounds like something ypu don't want to get. I hope you get better soon :)
    Well, it's good to hear that you get treatment for it. :) I don't know what this C-tus is, so I don't know how bad it is or if it's something that needs permanent treatment.
    The last time I was in hospital was nine or so months ago because I had pneumonia.
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