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  • Lucario is pretty awesome but I'm more likely to have Typhlosion or a Ghost type as my icon xD *hugs back*
    Ack, I don't like needles either, it's...easiest not to look. >.<' So sorry to hear that, hope you're doing better now. D:
    Certainly a cool Pokémon~ Would you say that it is your favourite? :3 My favourite is Charizard~ ^w^ Then probably Lucario then Lugia. :p
    I'm actually not a very good cook, I just enjoy baking (and being an idiot when baking for the lols). Though, when I have a fever I eat like mad and kinda sorta don't pay attention to what I'm eating >.<
    Oh wow, I'm doing the exact same thing! :O
    I've PM'd up to 8 people so far trying to strike up a good conversation. :)
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