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  • Going to leave for a while, I don't know if I am coming back...

    This furry has a lot to fix.
    Hey, don't worry bout the photos. It's no big deal. Well, here on the forums, it's been quiet, not much has happened. As with me, it's just been S.S.D.D. Guessing work's getting to ya?
    Hey, no worries. You haven't really missed much today. Basically SSDD. Also, how is the job going, if I may ask?
    I can relate to that feeling. All my stress has basically just been lifted off of me with the end of my school, lol.

    I've been doing good. Kicking back and relaxing for the past couple of days.
    Ah, well I'm never in a car during mornings lol since I take an Access Link bus to work every day.

    I never travel either lol, only like once a year or so.
    Not sure who those people are.

    My mom and step-dad are from Philly too I forgot to add, lol. Not me, though; I was born in Florida and raised in NY, PA, but mostly New Jersey.
    Gaz;2453265]C'mon, guys. :C Don't waste a fantastic thread. Get back to poking fun and being retarded, none of this planned bullshit.[/QUOTE]
    Fay V;2453259]no one cares.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah I am staying away from the Adventure FAF thread, and most threads from some of those users.....complete assholes. They think their seniority gives them the right to be an ass to everyone.
    I'm east of there; I'm in south New Jersey. I've been to Philly tons of times for Chickies and Pete's, a concert I was at March 11th (at the Electric Factory) and etc. since I'm so close there. It's just like a 15-minute highway drive.
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