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  1. BouncyOtter

    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a physician now (currently in residency).
  2. BouncyOtter

    Summer plans?

    Starting residency in July! Super excited and a little terrified at the same time!
  3. BouncyOtter

    Furries in Science

    I seemed to always have a strong interest in life sciences and that hasn't changed much. Undergrad degree in biology, then pursued my master's in cancer and reproductive biology (with my research involving a a specific stem cell population), and now I'm finishing up my MD.
  4. BouncyOtter

    can u catch dihrea from a dog poop

    From what I've learned, humans do not contract parvovirus from cats or dogs. We only get parvovirus B19, and it's only a human infection. Giardia is a protozoa and is spread via cysts in contaminated water (my profs always enjoyed the drinking stream water that beavers have done their business...
  5. BouncyOtter

    can u catch dihrea from a dog poop

    There is one particularly bacteria that I'm currently thinking of that can be associated with puppy feces and cause watery or bloody diarrhea, but I doubt this is the case.
  6. BouncyOtter

    Straight Male Furs

    As others have said, some people are just more outspoken about their sexuality than others. I'm straight as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were more straight furries than gay.
  7. BouncyOtter

    IQ test?

    I don't think I've ever taken an IQ test, nor do I have any desire to do so. There are some people that like to throw their number around like it means everything (mainly talking about those people that think they are better than everyone cause they have a 120, 160, etc.). You could be a...
  8. BouncyOtter

    Being an otter means...

    Whatever you want it to mean.
  9. BouncyOtter

    What Do You Hope...

    I want to keep progressing with my studies and get into a decent residency, in whatever specialty I eventually choose. My hope is that I never become as cynical and jaded as so many physicians become, and that I continue loving what I am doing!
  10. BouncyOtter

    Happy Valentines Day

    It's just going to be another random day.
  11. BouncyOtter

    Caffiene Appreciation Thread

    I used to drink a stupid amount of coke every day. However, I stopped drinking it a couple of years ago. I started drinking coffee last summer. I used to think that the stuff was absolutely vile, but I was told by a friend to dry a blonde roast. It actually tastes pretty good to me. I never...
  12. BouncyOtter

    Quirks about yourself or your habits

    If I'm in the middle of a difficult test, I'll pull out some of my hair without even realizing it. At the end of the test, I notice hair on my keyboard. It's kind of gross. I wish I could wear a hat or something during the test.
  13. BouncyOtter

    Favorite Sports

    I love a lot of sports. I've probably watched the most football, basketball, and soccer, but Houston sports are just so painful to cheer for. I guess I have to still say my favorite sport is swimming, although I haven't truly done any swimming in like 2 years now, which is really sad. I...
  14. BouncyOtter

    Room/dorm mate horror stories

    In my freshman year, my roommate was awful. I was walking onto the swim team, so the coach had me paired with another swimmer (think he was on the team for about 3 weeks). I never did anything about his actions, even though everyone on my floor knew he was a jerk. He was also a very big guy...
  15. BouncyOtter

    Steak Doneness

    Simply talking about steak, I enjoy my steak cooked medium rare. I just like the juiciness and flavor of the steak when it's cooked that way. I really can't do rare, and if its cooked too long it gets too dry for me.