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  • Every time I see your avatar, I can't help but think of Mike Matei playing the Joker.
    Hey there, just passing by to tell ya' the thread containing that post you sigged is the most entertaining thing on FaF I've seen in weeks. So props for keeping me entertained I guess :V When I read it now though, it also seems kind of odd that this tashkentfox dude would act like he did and STILL manage to accrue over 3000 posts before being banned.
    What happened to the Joker? :c
    Just wondering, did you get to see the recent leaks? A certain rainbow-fag wants action to be taken against you :3c

    I thought that was quite amusing.

    I love some of your opinions. You've got a lot more perspective than I do.
    Every other time I see your name, I think it's Brace, and every other time I see Brace I think it's you. Hurp.
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