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    Copyrighting a Fursona

    No, however you can trademark it. Paxilrose and myself tried it once, we were trolling this furfag a few years back and we had the brilliant idea to just put in a trademark on the guy's purple sparkledog fursona so we could DMCA his Furaffinity and Youtube presence. Don't think the paperwork...
  2. Brazen

    Furry Origin Stories

  3. Brazen

    Why The Hell Are Fursuits So Creepy Lookin'?

    Who said anything about glass eyes?
  4. Brazen

    Why The Hell Are Fursuits So Creepy Lookin'?

    That's why unless you're an incredible faggot you don't go with a cartoony fursuit but try to get a semi-realistic one, those can look pretty decent if made well.
  5. Brazen

    Anyone else legally married to a same sex mate/partner? Or have plans to?

    That's very intolerant of you to imply there's only 2 sexes like that.
  6. Brazen

    Any other rubber-furs?

    not furry enough
  7. Brazen

    Any other rubber-furs?

    Don't listen to them OP, if it's ok to wear BDSM gear at a pride parade in the middle of a public street then it's ok to wear it to a private venue like a furry convention.
  8. Brazen

    bird head help?

    Birds don't have fur though, they have feathers and down.
  9. Brazen

    Thinking about getting suit

    Do you want a suit with a hole for your dick or a sheath or what?
  10. Brazen

    Gas attack on Midwest Furfest?

    Sounds like some good quality trolling to me.
  11. Brazen


    Be careful friend, trick-or-treating completely naked can get you in a lot of trouble if there are children present.
  12. Brazen

    Chakat registry

    Changed my mind, that sounds hot as fuck.
  13. Brazen

    Chakat registry

    Wow guys stop oppressing the charkums, today you're mocking them tomorrow you're drawing pictures of them being rounded up into camps.
  14. Brazen

    Best things to do / be seen doing in a fursuit

    Hanging around dark alleyways at night waiting to greet people unexpectedly
  15. Brazen

    Help with Suit cleaning...

    Take a shit on the suit, it'll cover up the spot.