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    My new friend - need help

    That thing looks scary :0
  2. BrennanTheWolfy

    I just build my first computer!

    I just built my first computer! Hello everyone! I don't know if any of you would care to hear it, but I just got done building my first computer! It took me about two days to get it fully functioning, but this is the first post Ive made from her. She has an AMD Phenon X4 Processor that I...
  3. BrennanTheWolfy

    What is your sexual orientation

    That wasn't very nice D:
  4. BrennanTheWolfy

    Airbus see-through smart planes

    Weren't older people told as kids we would have robots to serve our every whim around this time? I doubt this design will live 40 years.
  5. BrennanTheWolfy

    It's me or the suits

    Although I agree that you should be able to get what you want, I guess its a question of whether or not its worth losing your boyfriend over.
  6. BrennanTheWolfy

    How many Characters do you have?

    One. Just a version of me in an anthropomorphic wolf's body, because Im awesome.
  7. BrennanTheWolfy

    Where do I find furry roommates (Not for con!)

    I don't even want to know how you came across that.
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    How do you sleep?

    I sleep face down on my pillow. I have no idea how I don't suffocate myself while sleeping 0.o My body is obviously trying to kill me.
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    The Bicycling Megathread: Tricyclists need not apply.

    You got something against trikes, OP??
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    My 445nm 1.6W compact labbie-style LASER

    That thing looks sshhiinneeeyyyyy :0
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    The Gate to Dimension V... is OPEN! (two vids already up)

    I doubt its a bot. According to the profile, he's been a member for 5 years.
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    Cooking Thread

    I made an OMLETTE! I tossed 4 eggs in a pan, scrambled them, put some meat on top, and flipped it. After it was cooked, I then cut it in half and cooked it on its side. I find it adds loads more flavour. Then, I ate it, and I didnt die!!
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    Is Four the New Three? The Evolution of Cartoon Paws

    I never pay attention to details of cartoons. If I do, chances are Im bored and the cartoon sucks. If I had to pick a preference though, it would be four.
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    Aspergers (NOT Assburgers)

    Even if I had it, I wouldnt want to know. Having that bug in the back of your head saying, "YOU HAVE ASPERGERS, YOU CANNOT BE SOCIALLY ADEPT" would be a great way to subconsciously excuse yourself for not being too social or saying something I shouldn't, thus the reason why I think so many...
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    As long as it doesnt harm me and its completely consensual, I could care less.