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  • Just out of curiousity, where did the creation of Six originate from? You don't need to reply, I'm just curious.
    Oh wow, that's quite a move. I've more or less lived in the same area my whole life. lol
    Ah sweet! You're the best! Glad I can keep my postcount intact
    Now, once I buy some moral philosophy skills from Fay, I can set them all up on a shelf where they'll look pretty.
    Hey, I hear you're selling scientific philosophy skills!
    Could I buy like... 3 maybe? Otherwise I don't think I'll be qualified enough to post on FAF.
    Golly, I certainly wouldn't know anything about that. Maybe I'll pounce on someone sometime and see if any ideas come to mind. Maybe I'll figure it out.
    Why are you crouching in that picture? Are you about to hurt someone? You're looking behind you because you know it's a bad thing, and you don't wanna get caught in the act. I'm not naive. I know exactly what's going on. That's a picture where you pounce on someone and eat them. I know I'm not wrong, I've seen it happen before.
    I clicked your sig link and I thought it was going to be that silly easter egg
    Lets just hope that was a entertaining investment. heheheh~
    A constant lack of sleep and a project season has more ups and downs than a Citra in a male locker room that I have had little time to do anything. Maybe the latter will conclude tomorrow when I finally turn in my last piece of design work (algorithms, pseudo-code you know the stuff for illustrating the logic of the application and what it does..) then I can finally hibernate for a week and then eventually draw some dicks and bait people. :3

    But thanks for asking! What about yourself then?
    Things aren't exactly perfect here as well but at least it isn't getting any worse... We have kind of reached a political and social stand-still here in Germany right now, which is also pretty annoying.
    France and England got gay marriage while our politicians are still grinding their teeth over the decision of our constitutional court that gays should be allowed to adopt...
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