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  • It's not quite starting over. Pharmacy's a professional degree - like grad school, but not a track into academia. I wouldn't be able to get in without the undergrad work I've already done, and in fact, it's gonna be damn hard getting accepted without already having a Bachelor's degree.

    A good resume is just as good if not better than a formal education. Education just shows that you've learned the skills, work experience shows that you're already applying them. Aim high and don't sell yourself short.
    Part-time nursing assistant while pursuing a Clinical Laboratory Science major. Though, now I'm actually planning on applying to pharmacy school after this semester. The prerequisite coursework is pretty much everything I've already taken, and pharmacy pays a lot more, so it seems like an easy choice... aside from being hella expensive and another four years of school. :\

    Sucks that you couldn't get your leave. Don't straight-up quit, though - you look better as a job applicant elsewhere if you already have a job. Plus they may cave to keep you when you tell them you're leaving to work elsewhere.
    Trying to make the last half-hour before genetics lab pass more quickly now that I've finished all the pre-lab.

    How did your leave of absence request go?
    No problem! This one will hold a place in my heart since its only four days away from christmas, and Quilava is my favorite Pokemon!
    He said he was there voluntarily. A 12 year old standing in the middle of the central station with his mom handing out flyers at 9am... On a saturday... Yeah, right. I totally believe that.
    Wasn't there someone here on FAF whose parents are jehovah's witnesses as well? That kid is probably just as miserable. Either that or he is just as insane as his mother.
    Me: "The bible is the word of god because the bible says it is the word of god?"
    She: "Yes, exactly."
    She completely failed to see the circular logic in that argument. She is one of those "because the bible says so" loonies as it seems...
    But yeah you are right. In this day and age it's just a matter of time until these cults die out.
    Jehovah's witnesses at the central station. Standing there with a 12 year old boy who is holding watchtower flyers. "I don't believe in evolution because god created the world" he said. "The bible is the word of god because it saysso in the bible".
    I am so mad right now I'm shacking >_<
    Hey, dickhead. :>

    Glad to hear I could be an inspiration. I gotta say it's got me all feeling proud and a little... dunno what the feeling is. You're the second person to mention the snapshots today, the other guy even asked for pointers or if I had a blog. I think I'll make a thread to pass on the knowledge I've gained over lifting, nutrition, and life improvement. This place could use a well consolidated multiple resource thread. If you ever want pointers, advice, or any kind of help at all don't hesitate to let me know. I'd be more than happy to help, and I can learn a lot too.
    Work sounds shit, but congrats on the boyfran!
    It's research and mixing music moreso than exams, although I may have an exam tuesday (should probably look into that lol)
    And thanks, I'll need lots of luck to get through this fortnight
    Uni is a terrible thing. I can't relax until December 17th. :c
    How have you been? Missed you too!
    It was a good thing I rubbed my wallet all over your face then. That means that you were really joking about pressing assault charges against me!
    Aha, I can imagine that keeps you more than busy.

    Oh I'll definitely have stuff to distract myself with at any time! If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the backlog always grows faster than you can catch up on it.
    Do you read much? I really enjoy it, but it can be so time consuming.
    That's great! It really sucks when bad work habits drag you into a downwards spiral type-thing. It's really overwhelming.
    What type of work do you do anyways? I feel like it's been mentioned on the forums before, but I can't remember :/

    I've been pretty good lately. I have a ridiculous amount of free time for the next few months, so I've just been chilling out and catching up on my video game/book/movie/music backlog. Getting into a study habit next year will be a pain for sure.
    "Lord Carey, 78, said churchgoers should be "ashamed" of themselves for failing to invest more in young people".
    I dunno, if they really are going extinct I think they are doing a fantastic job! XD
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