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    How Can A NSFW Artist Protect Themselves?

    If you take reasonable steps to identify whether your customer is a minor, and they lie to you, you're already protected! You can protect yourself by only using methods of communication that leave a record of who said what. If you're able to prove that you asked your customers, and that they...
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    Share random stories of physical pain

    This story is fucking metal, dude.
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    Changing my Legal Name to Fursona Name

    Well, not 'lying', just kinda... I don't think you fully understand what you're doing. So, it's more accurate to say that you're deluding yourself. Think it all the way through before you choose the name Lox Maximillan Luov. "Lox" is fine, but Maximillan Luov lacks meaning, etymology... ...
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    Changing my Legal Name to Fursona Name

    Hey kiddo, you're lying! Changing your name away from Kyle is fine. If you don't like your past, shed it. That's totally legit. But not liking your past doesn't mean naming yourself your fursona forever. There may come a time five years from now when you recognise that your fursona is not a...
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    It exists

    Spam thread, link leads to phish
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    Squarepusher wants to colaberate with you!

    Awh, sweet! Squarepusher's one of the artists I love the most in all glitchstep. It's cool to see he's got the respectable persona to go with it. Hope something comes of this!
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    What to do with a completed but unpaid commission?

    Oof. :c Looks like you're in kind of a tight spot, huh. This isn't nice to say, but your intuition is right: you're going to have to consider not taking payment for this as a given. The obvious lessons also exist; like making sure your clients are both capable and willing of paying before doing...
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    Circulating rumour concering ransom ware

    Buy on the rumour, sell on the news, haha. My whole internet friendship circle uses FA, and I've heard nothing about this.
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    claims against me

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    what is NRW

    You'll need to provide a bit more context, mate. Otherwise, we can only suggest possible solutions. Any hints, clues, anything useful at all. This question's impossible with so limited information.
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    I agree with you here, but that's not what you were saying earlier. Earlier you were saying "don't care about other people's feelings", and that just ain't right, bro. Of course, if you don't care if you come across that way, more power to you... but I think it closes more doors than it opens...
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    (Oh christ, I linked to an imgur gallery and it automatically loaded the whole picture. Sorry >_>)
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    Oh boy, 1-on-1 conversations are tough for everybody except close friends. I used to struggle a lot, but then I got a really, really difficult job in a business environment where I had to talk to a lot of important people; now I'm pretty much okay with it. But I do know something that helps...
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    Kinda varies from situation to situation. Online, offline, forum to forum, the size of the population, the number of people... Cos it's all so varied, I guess my advice would be to get a feel for the people you're trying to socialise with. Social cues cause a lot of trouble, but hey, relax and...
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    Howdy FAF.

    Hey critter! I heard BLFC was a blast. So many good comments - I'm envious. :D