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  • Y'know, thinking back, I kind of wish that killer-River wasn't resolved so quickly.

    Like, if they made it arc over several episodes.
    Actually, "-sama" is used in regular conversation; go to a store in Japan and they greet you as "customer-sama." "-chan" is used for men all the time, too; it's just the Western perception that it's only for little girls.

    "-shi" isn't really used in conversation. Ever. It's something you see more in the newspaper.

    It seems like you are very upset over Japanese suffixes, Brody. ):
    Ugh, tired posting, sorry.

    I meant to say that I was seeing them together. Like, the time, 4:13, or beginning of pi 3.14, etc.

    It's weirding me out.


    Excuse me while I take up another spot in your visitor messages.

    I keep seeing 4, 1, and 3... 3v3rywh3r3. S3r1ously. 1t m4k3s m3 th1nk of T3r3z1.
    What can I say, I guess I just have a soft spot for dumb crippled nice guys. :p
    Yea, well, he was kind of dumb. And Vriska's character is interesting, but... I'm very conflicted about her. If she had, like, killed Sollux I would have liked because there is literally nothing I don't about her except for the fact that she abuses and then offs Tavros. I mean, she uses dice, I'M SO INTO THAT.

    Also, who is your favorite guardian? I like Rose's mom for some reason, I think it's the scarf which I was sad Jack didn't take. :I
    Now I'm finally up to date with it all.

    Consider me fully briefed on the matter.
    Vriska. Well, because I like Tavros, I kind of dislike her for all that biz. But at the same time, she loves Nick Cage, and I also do (albeit ironically). She does have her moments, but she's too mean to Tavros so I have to say I don't like her. >::::[
    For humans, Rose all the way, even though she's getting more boring.

    Troll-side, Terezi, Tavros, and Kanaya, in that order.

    ...And Maplehoof. I demand more Maplehoof. :C
    Browder, I am still a half a year behind on Homestuck. (I think)

    How is this possible? I've gone through, like, 3139 pages.
    wow, I've never seen someone rant about anything for 20 minutes before. This requires a cup of coffee.
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