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    Oh god, made my mother cry :\

    I don't know how they started doing this. That lady is no one important, just some angry lady who yells at them to work for her. Yeah, but I've never considered if she was a helpless crank...
  2. BryanB

    Oh god, made my mother cry :\

    lol Yeah, I guess this is myspace material
  3. BryanB

    Oh god, made my mother cry :\

    Yeah, we were arguing basically because she (and my dad) are letting themselves get pushed around by some cranky lady for chump's change. Today, they went very early (before I even woke up) and cleaned her entire house for like 9 hours and they earned a grand total of $15! This is just one of...
  4. BryanB


    I'm not much of an outside person. I stay inside most of time, regardless of what season it is.
  5. BryanB

    What sort of stuff do you do?

    Eh, my hobbies suck. Jamming out on my guitar, listening to music, try to learn programming (trying to learn C), reading, weight lifting, play (mostly old) video games, reading about astronomy. Yeah, that's about it
  6. BryanB

    Heaviest Metal band(s)

    Eh, don't really know if they're the heaviest, but here are some "heavy" bands that I like (assuming I understand what you mean by heavy) Carcass Quo Vadis Cryptopsy Strapping Young Lad Arsis Insomnium (great melodic death metal btw. Since The Day it All Came Down is, in my opinion, their best...
  7. BryanB

    The food you hate that everyone else seems to like?

    Fish, shrimp, crab, lobster. Seafood in general. I hate the stuff.
  8. BryanB

    Your genre

    I was/am that painfully shy, friendless loner. People actually thought I was a serial killer in the making or something. It's just that I have 0 social skills.
  9. BryanB

    Why people consider you crazy?

    I refuse to take medicine when I'm sick because I worry I might become dependent on it. Though I guess that falls more under the "stupid" category.
  10. BryanB

    All About Music

    Eh, I like all kinds of music, though I admit I have mostly metal music. Current favorite bands are: Carcass, Quo Vadis, Ocean Machine, Agalloch, Dick Dale and Metallica (holy shit, no way). Anyway, aside from the Metallica songs you've listed, I've never heard of the other ones.
  11. BryanB

    How many friends have you got?

    1 close friend. 2 acquaintances. Yep.
  12. BryanB

    "The Worst Way" Game

    Re: "The Worst Way" Game not expressing it at all worst way to pass time
  13. BryanB

    How are you a geek?

    I'm completely obsessed with astronomy and computers.
  14. BryanB

    Brag about yourself and your accomplishments

    Don't have anything to brag about.
  15. BryanB

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