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    Things in video games that annoy the @#%$ out of you.

    The camping part of this is what "grinds my gears". Seriously, move around, let your opponent step out side of his spawn building. And I would also like to add that throwing an incendiary grenade at a spawn point is just another way to spawn camp. Even with your three seconds of god mode after...
  2. Bryantacious

    Things in video games that annoy the @#%$ out of you.

    lol I second this notion, some people need to just stfu. Also, games that allow people to use credit cards to actually buy items in the game instead of earning them via game play.
  3. Bryantacious

    Combat Arms

    What do you think about it? I have, and would rather play CSS but most of my friends around here don't want to pay for it. Also, CA is free and does not require an advanced rig to play so there are alot of noobs playing. This and the really short map loading time make CA a good game for a...
  4. Bryantacious

    Web Browsers: Which do you use?

    i second this notion
  5. Bryantacious

    Band anyone?

    lol you dont even have to sing very well to be popular depending on the genre btw what kinda of genre are you interested in? and lolz you could spend every penny you earned for the rest of your life and you would not have been able to buy everything there is for drums at its highest quality.
  6. Bryantacious

    Decent Audacity alternatives?

    why dont you dual-boot xp and vista? Ive heard there are security issues with this but I havent seen a problem on my friends desktop or my laptop :\ lol i have like 3 copies
  7. Bryantacious

    Web Browsers: Which do you use?

    I have a feeling some people only come here for this reason o__o
  8. Bryantacious


    beer and cookies? whatever floats your boat but I prefer milk ^^
  9. Bryantacious

    Oporating system advice

    ok even I laughed at this reply xD
  10. Bryantacious

    people have said I should try modeling...

    despite the fact I hate my appearance. but it does sound cool and I might give it a try however I dont want to spend the money if its a lost cause so tell me what you think... yeah senior pics [with watermarks] and a myspace pic... not an impressive arsenal but whatever :p
  11. Bryantacious

    problems with northstate?

    Ive been using Northstate express net for a few years and never had alot of trouble with it, but just this year Ive started playing some games online and noticed I have a horrible ping, sometimes I wont play an fps cause the lag is that bad. First I thought it was just my PC but I added a GB of...
  12. Bryantacious

    Songs your a little ashammed you like

    oh yeah and still fly by the devil wears prada
  13. Bryantacious

    Holy crap Google's new browser is fast

    lol what percentage of your ~1,683 posts isn't part of some egotistic attempt to debunk everyone who sets foot in a forum? at least the people in the blue note are somewhat nice to each other :/
  14. Bryantacious

    in the mood for a giggle?

    ... because? *waits for unnecessary argument*