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    What does the person above you smell like?

    You smell like Hot Chocolate!
  2. Bucky0310

    Compliment the person above you!

    I really like your fur!
  3. Bucky0310

    A few Art Questions that involve Technology :)

    I'll check that program out for sure! Thank you! It's good to get input and find something you like, I know there are a ton of programs out there and they all feel different.
  4. Bucky0310

    What type of energy does your fursona give out?

    Asher is crazy and I love him for it, he also inspires me. He's very positive and sweet and loves to spread it out :)
  5. Bucky0310

    How did you figure out your fursona? :o

    I've always known I was a either fox or sloth but the fox stuck, he's a bit of cat and a bit of a dog and I love both animals so...Asher was born. Plus Fox are gorgeous and a bit mischievous as well like me :)
  6. Bucky0310

    What inspired your fursona's name?

    I've honestly always loved fox and I went through my head so many times over the years and he finally popped in there and went "HEY I'm Asher!" and I was like awesome! That's the basics of it, I've always known I liked furrys but living where I did growing up, yeah it would not have gone over...
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    show me pics of your fursona!

    My beautiful boy Asher!
  8. Bucky0310

    A few Art Questions that involve Technology :)

    I managed to find colors in gimp but yeah it's strange the way it's set up, I used to use photoshop in college years back so other programs confuse me XD as for the tablet I will definitely try for a Wacom saw one I liked recently actually, it's be easier than coloring with a mouse for sure...
  9. Bucky0310

    Random facts about your fursona(s)

    Asher actually has bad vision, so he has to wear glasses at times! He also likes to shop for clothing.
  10. Bucky0310

    A few Art Questions that involve Technology :)

    I need it free I have GIMP but I don't think you can color images in it, so what do you all recommend that is free? I only have a laptop currently and a mouse no fancy tablet sadly, that will have to wait until after Christmas. Also another thing what is a good table for a beginner that is cheap...
  11. Bucky0310

    Free Art: Holiday Free Art

    Hello! This is my Fursona's first christmas! He loves Candy Canes and Ugly sweaters, Hot Chocolate, presents and Christmas Decorations! Not sure how to attach a file but he is my Avatar!
  12. Bucky0310


    Hey all! You may call me Bucky, I'm pretty new to Fur Affinity but I love all the art and such! My Fursona is a Fox and his name is Asher. I am on Deviant Art, IMVU and I do vidoes and such on Tik Tok when I have time! I'm looking forward to contribute art as soon as possible!