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  1. Bullslayer

    Any north Idaho Furs?

    Yah where im at now is kinda a dead zone but its ok cause im moving soon.
  2. Bullslayer

    Any northern Idaho furs?

    Hurray.... Im not alone OvO
  3. Bullslayer

    bullies in the fandom..?

    when it comes to bullies i dont back down and i dont take shit from anyone...... "what? wolves gotta show his teeth every now and then or no one will take him seriously" XD
  4. Bullslayer

    Tell me something about your daily routine

    i wake up each day, browse all the stupid dating sites im on looking for the girl of my dreams, get quickly reminded that when it comes to things furry, sandpoint idaho is a barron desert, then i crawl back into my bed and watch netflix till either i have to go to work or its bedtime.... i live...
  5. Bullslayer

    bullies in the fandom..?

    every fandom has a few bad people in it, trolls run ramped on the internet cause they think they are safe hiding behind their little monitors. Most would prob wet them selves in a real life confrentation.... *smirks*
  6. Bullslayer

    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    These threads always amuse me, but none the less yes i would rather be my fursona than me. I would move faster, have better hearing, sense of smell and my eyesight would be better.
  7. Bullslayer

    Main Character for my game project

    Testing lighting in a scene for the game, i'm taking my time with this project, i want it to look good.
  8. Bullslayer

    A lonely wolffo? *Ill try not to sound like I’m venting*

    True i guess sometimes its enough for someone to get up in the morning knowing that somewhere someone is thinking deeply about them....
  9. Bullslayer

    Any northern Idaho furs?

    Sad doggo, feel like im only one :(
  10. Bullslayer

    Don't know if a “real“ furry or not

    If i recall correctly, the fandom originated to support anthro characters. Most are just artists and art conisures.... Normal people who live normal everyday lives. The fursuits are both a type of artwork and a way of expression that allows the person to bring the character to life. I mean i...
  11. Bullslayer

    WOW 8.2

    I know but lately i've lost what little faith i had left in blizz to deliver in a timely manner.
  12. Bullslayer

    Furry Discord Server Thread

    Well theres my DarkHound discord: Join the Darkhound Discord Server! No nsfw allowed becuase its a community server for the game im working on. Non furries are also in it so i kindly ask for best behavior.
  13. Bullslayer

    Would you want to live in a furry run house/apartment complex/city/town/state/etc

    I just want to find a nice pretty girl wolffy to be with...... (Lonely sad doggo)
  14. Bullslayer

    Any northern Idaho furs?

    Just curious if im realy the only one.... I havent seen any art conventions or any of that where i live.
  15. Bullslayer

    Admin Review: Our controversial fandom

    Yah i was taught not to judge others for their personal lifes. And i'd be lying if i said i didnt appreciate the more adult art...alot is very good from an artist standpoint and artists have been drawing / sculpting naked people for melenia. Maybe its the fact the characters arent human idk...