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    Princess Bunny Comic

    Soooo I've been away from here for quite a while but this project wasn't abandoned. Actually, all the contrary... I learned a lot about making comics and I FINALLY managed to figure out what I want from this project. When I first started, I was new at drawing comics and creating stories, so I...
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    Paid for the banner, but it’s not on the site.

    It takes a few days, just give them some time! I was also worried the first time but they got back to me in like 3-4 days.
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    Looking for a cartoony artist for a nsfw comic!

    I draw a lot of comic pages, here are some examples ( contins NSFW images) More NSFW Examples 2. NSFW Examples 3. Price is 120€ per colored and inked page, but I might make an offer depending on how many pages there will be. Also, a cover for the comic is included if it's 5+ pages. SFW Example:
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    Thanks! Yes it's somehow still alive, we're trying not to let bunny die ahaha :'D

    Thanks! Yes it's somehow still alive, we're trying not to let bunny die ahaha :'D
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    You too! ^^

    You too! ^^
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    Merry Christmas to you too ^^

    Merry Christmas to you too ^^
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    artists who saves up to $1k from commissions alone, how long did it took you?

    It really depends on you prices, how many commissions you can do per month and how much from your earnings are spent on something else, in case you can't keep 100% of it. I work full time as an artist and I create around 20 commissions per month, reaching 1k per month but from that amount I pay...
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    Hiring: ($100+) NSFW Bunnygirl Ref Sheet $100+

    I'm open for commissions and I draw humans and chibis as well! A ref sheet as you say would be around $150 including what you mentioned you needed. Here's my portfolio. <3
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    Autism/Special Interests Thread

    I was about to get diagnoed for ADHD since I have all the symptoms, but in the end after a lot of therapy and testing I was diagnosed with asperger. I have huge devotion for art, but more speciffically for creating worlds, characters and stories since I was 3 years old (probably earlier because...
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    Why do people hate kids...?

    People hate kids because they can get annoying and they demand a lot of time. In my experience, a bunch of adults are the same or even more annoying and that's not a reason to hate humanity... x'DD I don't have kids yet but I have a 3 years old niece and yes, she gets annoying sometimes...
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    Catch up since the forums are back

    Congrats for the lovers <3 While the forum was done, I've got into a house mortgage with my boyfriend. Yeah, stronger alliance than the wedding ring x'D
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    What's With All The NSFW Hate Lately?

    Because people be like:
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    Yeeey!~ :D
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    Princess Bunny Comic

    Thank you very much! I'm still quite noob at comics but I'm learning :D!!