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    Artists who don’t list prices/TOS when closed

    A mentor I had told me I shouldn't even post prices of commissions because each commission is unique and shouldn't be charged the same, so I'd make a price depending on the project. However I only saw that working for popular artists, like my mentor is. So yeah they are usually quite expensive...
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    (Commission) Selling: Illustrations and comics (30€+)

    More info at my website
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    Princess Bunny Comic

    Glad you like it so far! <3
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    How do I find my specialty in art?

    Mmmmm I would say you probably need more time to try out different things until you find one that really makes you feel good while drawing. Something that you absolutely enjoy. This is just my opinion and experience, of course. In my case I wasn't sure what to do either, and even today I still...
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    Princess Bunny Comic

    You can now read Princess Bunny's main story at Kemono Cafe! New pages every wednesday!
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    How are so many artists in relationships? Especially with other artists?

    My boyfriend isn't an artist but he knows I draw NSFW and write erotic stories, and I even roleplay, and he's totally fine with it. I think the "trick" is when you start dating you must be open to your partner from the start, so no surprises. If my boyfriend would have had a problem with what...
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    Looking for feedback on pricing my art

    My advice is to not listen to what people say, of course everyone wants to pay less... you must set the price that you feel comfortable with, for what you're willing to work for, start with the lowest you're willing to work for and get higher as time goes as you get more demand. Your art is...
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    Sketchbook: BunBun's Art Gallery

    Thank you!! <3
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    Sketchbook: BunBun's Art Gallery

    Hello! I'll share some of my art here every now and then :D You can see more in my FA gallery!
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    Princess Bunny Comic

    Soooo I've been away from here for quite a while but this project wasn't abandoned. Actually, all the contrary... I learned a lot about making comics and I FINALLY managed to figure out what I want from this project. When I first started, I was new at drawing comics and creating stories, so I...
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    Paid for the banner, but it’s not on the site.

    It takes a few days, just give them some time! I was also worried the first time but they got back to me in like 3-4 days.
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    Looking for a cartoony artist for a nsfw comic!

    I draw a lot of comic pages, here are some examples ( contins NSFW images) More NSFW Examples 2. NSFW Examples 3. Price is 120€ per colored and inked page, but I might make an offer depending on how many pages there will be. Also, a cover for the comic is included if it's 5+ pages. SFW Example:
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    Thanks! Yes it's somehow still alive, we're trying not to let bunny die ahaha :'D

    Thanks! Yes it's somehow still alive, we're trying not to let bunny die ahaha :'D