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    Nikki is *Open* for commissions

    I'm back and im taking commissions again ~ Here is my *commission info* I mostly do NSFW so be warned! Examples of my work in my new account Examples of my work in my old account I charge per pic, not per character. I only charge extra if you dessire a special background. If you are...
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    Nikki tries to help /Help thread/

    So Im here to offer all the furs who needs to get something out of it chest, need a friendly opinion or just want to share a thought. If you wanna do it anonymous, send me a note c: all will be keep in secret The idea is to give comfort to those who need it so don't be afraid, I won't judge c:
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    Looking for artists - another NSFW picture of my lion

    Im interested c: link to my gallery on my signature Edit: well, the link wasn't there xD Userpage of bunnyonthefence -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    what is even dating

    I know, I know, it's also specially hard since weird people tend to stay at home. I meet my bf at a convention o: (comic con) so I think going to conventions it's a safe bet. Plus tons of fun
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    what is even dating

    Getting in a relationship with someone as weird as you always help 0= at least in my case worked
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    Looking for casual RP

    Sur sure thing ^^ send me a message whenever you can
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    Looking for casual RP

    One or two more to go ~
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    Better maturity filter