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Butters Shikkon

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  • It's very, very good to hear you say that. Red shared my pain over how we fell out. She always hoped we'd someday meet up again like this, that I'd be back in the community, that everything would be alright. She had a shit load of faith in her belief that hope would be fulfilled. After I burned you the way I did, got banned from here, CoyoteCaliente basically became a second chance to not screw up a friendship. But I'm gonna be kicking myself for the way I treated Milo for a long time.
    there is no threat. there hasn't been for a long time. that's what I'm trying to tell you. i took that name you gave me and tried to live up to it. doubt me all you want. but i think it's paid off.
    Nothing wrong with bitchy or snarky. At least then your voice gets heard. Us quiet people just sit over here and facepalm cause no one listens to us. I can't imagine these forums wilder or more sarcastic. Then again I do remember poking my nose in a year or two back and going "LOL NOPE"

    Yeah, people choosing our battles for us makes me scratch my head in confusion. We're able enough to decide what is important and not important.

    The young things, ah the young things. I remembered wanting to champion a cause as a teen with the internet at my fingertips, so I can't blame them. We just need to somehow figure a way to channel all that passion to the RIGHT outlets.
    Feminism has an awful concept tagged to it due to past crap, so it takes people like you, Aristo, Kellie, and I to put things straight again. I'm just a girl who wants equality for all *shrugs* But then fingers get pointed and accusations thrown. So what if we're not fighting for every single right for men? Us women have to catch up in the rights area first.

    Well known indeed! I see you around a lot :3 I'm a forum addict, too, but I tend to lurk unless I have a piece to add. I might be able to hold my temper, but at least people notice your posts!
    Why thank you! I lurk half the time and always enjoy your posts. I'm just too reserved to extend the friend request to those who seem a bit.....more known than I xD Glad to see someone is out there fighting the good fight with me in the threads.
    That's Maria Callas for you, Butterfly, she had a powerful instrument in that throat :3
    (And, according to many, she was probably the best vocal actress that ever graced opera).
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