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Butters Shikkon

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  • Yargh! Ye can join me vessel if ye so please, as long as ye don't mind scrubbin' the poop deck! Yar har har!
    Naturally we'd have to brawl to establish dominance. That would be a cool fight with piratey weapons and stuff.
    Ah, don't worry about it. I just asked so I could do more work on the music forum, and then it happened.
    That is impossibly awesome. I love the quote: "slowly but surely... he's gonna drink all your liquor."
    The one at the very top and very bottom right are my favorites. Them expressions.
    Middle percy one is nice too. I have issues drawing frontal-view. ._. And hands! *strangles hands*

    Ooh ooh! If you want toon help I'm your guy! I know my draw-draws aren't the greatest, but I sure am well-learned in cartooning!
    Although I have been trying to break off from my toons and bring more realism into my drawings. xP None of it is on FA though! ...Yet o.o
    We'll see. *stares at pink feathers with discomfort*

    By the way... Where them draw-draws at? You promised me toons!
    Your fursonas pink feathers remind me of when my hair got dyed a very bright pink on accident.

    And now I have a phobia of bright pink colors. xP
    Meh, we'll see how tomorrow goes. Hooray for snazzy new phones! You'll be puttin' on the ritzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
    That was nice of him! Made me think of the Norwegian Blue from the Monty Python skit, with the location and color changed. I need a new phone too, mine's from 2006 with no camera and no data plan. I've been doing okay mostly, but I was moody and irritable all day today for no good reason. It's weird, because yesterday I was all happy-go-lucky and pleasant on about half as much sleep...
    Time will tell my friend, time will tell.
    Though I did cut my finger to the bone the other night flipping my balisongs.
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