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Butters Shikkon

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  • I had no fursona back then. :(
    Why you being so mean to me? I'm insecure about my past lack of sona-ness.
    No idea. I just was considering making an otter my fursona for a while but I thought that was boring.
    And inside my mind all kinds of crazy things exist... Ottiger just so happened to creep his way out.
    Haha. xD It's only 8pm where I live. Woo woo! I love being lonely with someone else.
    Why aren't you sleeping if it's 2am?
    I'm kind of bored right now...
    FAF is always near-dead when I'm not sleeping, and this is around the time all my friends are too busy/unavailable. -_-
    I'm a lonely Ottigre.
    No worries on the color. As for how he looks, there's a lot of things and ideas he looks like. All of these are intentional I assure you and not for reasons most would like. I'll PM you the details.
    Is that so? Am I so predictable? Haha. Thank you ever so kindly, he is one of my newest creations. Does it look pink? It is red, and is supposed to look red as his hair is based off of a particular part from a Sundew. The art is her work, and this is just a crop of him. The creature concept is mine. If you'd like, I can show you the rest and tell you about him.
    Making me become a goodie goddam twoshoes that befriended that sissy yellow dog fucker was bad, but this..... THIS is crossing the line! I CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE!

    Yeah, though it also has a tendency to make me invisible apparently X3 Or hard to notice at least.
    I do, and despite what comes my way I deal with it accordingly in my own way. Not always pleasant, but necessary :/
    It has its moments, though I do admit I'm a bit... I don't know. When you're told you're the "Most effeminate, masculine guy I know." it gets a little confusing. Also, probably getting a tat soon.
    None of the songs will be original work, most of it symphonic metal and musical pieces I enjoy even though many are originally sung by female vocalists. Then again, my friends declared me an official woman so why the F*ck not. In regards to Valentine's day and all that, I posted in the thread :/
    Meh, aside from it being V-day it's going alright I guess. Putting more thought into getting a mic for my laptop, possibly recording some stuff for FA, other boring stuff.
    If you think fat can sometimes be beautiful ... well, hit me up sometime. :D We can chat!

    (I just can't post in that thread just for a short moment longer, otherwise it's hijacking it.) :( I can be such a rebel, and a Debby Downer.
    Thankyou. I am thinking of producing some new and better skinlesses when I have the opportunity- ones with proper muzzles.
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