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Butters Shikkon

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  • I'm doing alright. Nothing to complain about at the moment. Getting a bit tired, though. Might not last much longer...
    Ahahahaha, I originally went for an awful facetious colour scheme that murdered the eyes. Luckily, I decided against it. Blue is nice.
    Better than before at least, and I am making new steps toward bigger goals. Not as I intended in some areas, but still going and I am at least a thousand times happier about everything. :cool:
    What happens in the showers stays in the showers.

    (This new avatar is making me cry from how not-Toshabi it is. =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ )
    I don't have to be the last Wampus if you're willing to procreate, if you catch my drift!
    ya it is amazing! he put in more effort for taking so long cause he was finishing a paid commssion i told him not to worry about it but he did it anyways. i will be looking for a artist o do another drawing, painting w/e on my avi so that would be great! i also got a guy doing a free chalk pastel of my avi too i'm so stoked!
    Hey butterfly lon time no talk i finally got a commsions for my fursona pic and it done too!!
    Oh wow! -blushes- I'm honored!

    Eddie Izzard popped into my head when I saw that the other one had been locked and no one had made a new one yet.

    Still, I'm really flattered. <3 <3 <3
    Well, it beats not having work at all. I hope you can find something better soon! Anyway, I made my account over there. Let's see how successfully I waste my time...
    'Sup, Butterfly? I'm feeling pretty good right now, actually! For the most part, my break was a success! How about yours?

    Also, I was thinking about joining that time wasters forum, now that I have some free time. Think I should?
    Indeed they are, and I'm glad those particular ones are past even though I enjoyed them immensely. You're welcome and thank you.
    Things have been well enough, I suppose. Life has its ups and downs, afterall. How about yourself?

    I'm afraid I have little of interest to say at the moment, as I am a but rushed.
    Ohh. Now that you mention it I have a few friends who get panic attacks too. I'm looking for a lab job, but anything sciencey would be great :-]
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