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Butters Shikkon

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  • Aww, thanks ^^ They're not always scales, but it seems to be a nice combo, especially since most of my friends consider me to be kind of a faerie (Traditional and gay) so having something that's able to change shape and form naturally works quite well :3
    It's going alright, met my ex's new mate and getting a commission done. The cost is a bit steep, but dear gods his work is amazing and I couldn't just pass up the offer.
    Just realized that last comment sounded kind of dickish, sorry :/ and happy (Late) New Year ^^
    I wouldn't say great tastes, but when I come across something that can reflect a bit of my personality and looks decent then I like to show it off a bit. Kind of a way to tell people about myself without having to actually speak to them.
    You must have a steam account, Shirley? :c

    (Or some form of communication for that matter)
    been EXTREMELY busy its retarded lol but other than that good i miss talking to you lol i actually took a break from faf to get real life stuff sorted out and there was no one to talk to
    I'm doing alright, putting together a list of all the things I need to take care of this month, holidays included. Gonna need a 4-pack of Monster for all of it :p
    Ya i have been really really busy at work its insane but hey it makes me money lol
    I build/repair computers. i also format and "ghost" computers as well as a little bit of networking and installation of phone systems ( still in traing for the networking and phone sys. installation).
    Ditto and i have been really busy i was able to pick up 2 more work days which is a big deal for me. It allows me to make 500+ a month which is belowish average for a highschooler but pretty good for working like 3 hours a day.
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