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Butters Shikkon

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  • that i am that is unless my girlfriend stops me. im already a state certified welder
    i dont know if you have noticed but im a lot more mature than other teens out there
    to the forums yes ... being a furry i have been one for 8 years. and was hoping to get a mature opinion from MY/our own fur comunity
    No problem just couldn't sleep because of a recent happening to my grilfriend =<. So i got back on in hopes to have a casual conversation or something to forget bout it for now. so i chose you cuz your awsome like that.
    Just playing some computer games txting meh girlfriend and chatting on here ... what are you up to?
    My laptop takes no joke ... 20 minutes to pull up the internet. thena gain it is 15 years old lol
    sorry bout the dual message gota fix computer it has been slow and laggy and has hasn't been showing messages up to date =/
    Yep I did! I'm taking a few requests. I have room for one more though if you want one. All I need is a ref and what expression.
    Exactly. So now I can just abandon my DA and FA and just put all of my art on there. From my anthro animals to my still life drawings.
    Oh and it's more directed towards more art rather than strictly furry. Even though a lot of their audience now is furs but there's no "GASP art that's not furry related".
    In all honesty it's a breath of fresh air. It's not so overcrowded as DA for obvious reasons but they are also learning from FA's mistakes. Galleries are nice and neat and there's no need to repeat commissioned work cause they made a separate folder for that. It's also so nice to navigate. The only downfall is that there isn't that many people on there yet.
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