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Butters Shikkon

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  • True! But I'm also more of a just sitting at home kind of person anyways, so I suppose it doesn't phase me as much.
    Eh, well I don't think I'll ever drive. At least, never be comfortable doing it. I'll probably be able to do it efficiently but that's as high as my hopes go. And yeah thanks! I'm sure the midterms will go well.
    Ah, well I've been pretty swell! This week is midterms though so it's *slightly* more busy than usual, but hardly noticeable. Also working on learning to drive.
    And now... We are totally friends!! XP
    That it is, I'm hopelessly addicted, lol. Why thank you, I wanted it to look neat and yours is looking awesome too!
    Lol, I understand all to well. Just hanging in there, have had a little time to breathe lately so I've been surfing the 'net's more X3
    Heck ya! Psyduck and Golduck are my favs. It's done by my good friend for me, there is a link to her profile in my signature. =D
    That's me, the helper :p I didn't mind though, I enjoy helping out when I can especially outside of work.
    Eh, more so the moon. But IDK how to do that and I can't be fucked to figure it out, I guess. So I settled for colors until I get bored again.
    Ah thanks! It's a rough draft, might like to get some texture in there.
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