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Butters Shikkon

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  • 'Lo. Worry not, everything went fine... kinda. But anyway, I'll reply soon enough, kind of busy now ^^;;
    well, I guess then that is it. Whatever I did wrong, I am so sorry. You are the last person I wanted to offend but obviously I have. This will teach me for answering forums while I am at work and not reading what I write before posting.

    I will miss you my friend
    w-w-what did I do? How did I betray your trust? I can honestly assure you if I did so it was not on purpose. Please tell me what I did wrong?
    I admit the forum isn't what it once was back in 2012 & 2013, but it still has a charm, I have yet to find another community quite like it with so many different interesting and new people. I had an account back in Jan of 2012 (I can't remember the name of it anymore) and even then when I was young and naive you offered kindness, it's hard to imagine the forums without you. I will sorely miss you, I just hope you are ok, if you don't mind me saying you've been acting a little out of character the past week.
    But I won't harp on bad times, thank you so much for everything, and goodbye! :)
    Actually, I have Ayattar to blame for this. Based off a joke that made so little sense in the end it turned out funny. :D
    There's been rough days, more so caused by me, I'll admit its one of the hardest things I've ever had to endure, but knowing what waits on the other side, really does make it so worth it, , he's my first ever relationship, I've been a bit slow on the uptake for a few things, but he's sweet, understanding, patient and caring through all of it, so he's honestly helping me grow as a person, and hehe you really are all big softies, but I won't tell anyone ;)

    Right nearly 4am, bout time I got some sleep, its been really great being able to chat with you Butters :) and I'll say again I am very happy to be in this community, and I hope to be here for a long time to come, as long as people want this silly, shy, overemotional otaku bear around xD
    It makes me happy I'm a welcome inclusion to the community, I was heavily unsure at first but after watching you, Red, and several others over the past month and half, I've become somewhat attached and hehe I'm also very happily taken, almost reached 6 months with him, I'm in England and he's in Northern Ireland, so we are partly long distance, we are hoping to both finally meet each other in May/june if money, and uni exams on his end don't get in the way too much, though we can thankfully Skype regularly.
    hehe yeah Astro and I go way back. I have been his biggest fan since the age of......ah....wow so far back I can't even remember. I am kinda in love with him to be honest. Sucks that he is fictional
    I have a chubby bearish body, it seemed the most natural to me and bears are adorable x3 hehe the gene is strong in your family ;)
    My birthdays ever since my 18th have been really quiet and I generally prefer it that way, my family aren't really the party type and neither am I, my two older brothers are though (34 and 35 respectively) but they ain't lived at home for a long time, most of my childhood was spent watching my oldest brother play horror games and various rpgs and watching anime with him, while the other brother was more into music and partying.

    My family is very weird, fun and just plain silly but I love em, down the line my brother comes out as gay at age 18(he's now 34 about to get married July), and I followed suit last year and came out myself xD Though my brother found out before I told him, because he figured it out first and then got confirmation when he saw I was on a website that he was ¬___¬

    *shys away* sorry for rambling into my life story then, force of a habit x3
    Yay :)
    I am having trouble editing my signature it keeps putting your statement into two separate quotes. Its giving me the shits lol
    My favourite game of all time......, its a hard one but my top three are Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky, Final Fantasy IX and Grandia, all RPGs but oh man how I love them <3
    You instantly earn 100 awesome points for linking a video from the original Spyro, oh the childhood memories, the nostalgia!
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