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Recent content by Caden_The_Dingo

  1. Caden_The_Dingo

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Just waiting for Grand Theft Auto V now.
  2. Caden_The_Dingo

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I've been playing Resident Evil 6 lately
  3. Caden_The_Dingo

    Harlem Shake?

    This is still a thing?
  4. Caden_The_Dingo

    Your State's Signature Food

    Could have been us as well... We sure do love ourselves some deep fried Twinkies.... Well used to anyways.
  5. Caden_The_Dingo

    Favorite setting in fiction

    I'd say modern, sci-fi and cyberpunk.
  6. Caden_The_Dingo

    Your State's Signature Food

    Deep fried scorpion... We have weird stuff at our state fairs.
  7. Caden_The_Dingo

    Is the internet making corruption in western societies more difficult to hide?

    The internet makes it almost impossible to hide things.
  8. Caden_The_Dingo

    Do you think gaming is dieing slowly?

    Saying the gaming industry is dying because of less AAA titles is like saying the movie industry is dying because each director doesn't release two movies a year.
  9. Caden_The_Dingo

    How long do you want to live?

    I don't care really as long as it's passed 70 and I die peacefully.
  10. Caden_The_Dingo

    Magnifying the Universe

    It makes you think, that's for sure.
  11. Caden_The_Dingo

    Old-time music for old farts.

    I like The Ink Spots and a bunch of other bands. Too many to name in fact.
  12. Caden_The_Dingo

    Why aren't there any walrus fursonas?

    Robbaz is disappointed.... If you watch his stuff on Youtube, you'll know what I mean. Plus, there a lot of animals that no fursonas exist of.
  13. Caden_The_Dingo

    What's Your Favorite Dog Breed(s)?

    I love Dingoes and German Shepherds.
  14. Caden_The_Dingo

    If your fursona had a fursona, what would he/she be like?

    Yo dog... So I heard you like fursonas.... I feel horrible for that... Anyways, it would probably be me because I'm too lazy to think of an actual answer.
  15. Caden_The_Dingo

    Greatest Games of All Genres

    I tried thinking of a list... I failed at it so I'll just say Fallout 3 and Resident Evil 4 are great games.