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Recent content by Caeneus

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    Hiring: (NSFW) Commissions (budget 25$ CAD but can go over a little)

    I’m ok with NSFW, and I’m currently working on this. If you like my style, send me a message
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    (Commission) Selling: Valentines Day eCard starting at $5

    Current work in progress from another request. Only 4 more days! Bump
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    Hiring: I´m looking for artist who would like to draw characters from Blacksad nsfw budget 60$

    Hi! I love blacksad!! I’m interested, NSFW OK. Send me a note :)
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    (Commission) Selling: Valentines Day eCard starting at $5

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting here, if things aren’t clear please let me know :) Opening commissions for Valentines Day! For yourself or as a gift for a friend, whether you’re taken or waiting, you can still find love of your dreams, in the form of art! Basic at $5: - 1 figure...