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  • oh shite, you just reminded me to update it D: I'm still into that stuff (hiding the yaoi part :I), I just changed it :>

    and thanks lol :3

    Im saving up for a laptop. So i will be up-to-date. :p
    Well done tech-jaggy! It will be much better than mine then. Had since 1999 and only changed 3 parts. It is ancient. My iPhone is faster. :(
    anything interesting happen since I last spoke to you? :p
    I have a computer and it works. That's about as far as I care :V
    I probably should care since I'm a comp sci. major but ehhh.
    I have no clue what you're talking about so I'm going to nod and smile now.
    *nods* :)
    Ah hi haven't really seen you or talked to you since the honesty thread got nazi'd have I? How've you been lately?
    Really? Even though there seems to be a lot of Snow leopard inspired art ^^

    And were you showing off just now? :3 You look awesome :p no need to try and impress me ;)
    I unfortunately no longer have Steam, I'm getting a new computer soon, so I'm slowly uninstalling everything. I'll get it again soon, sorry.
    Sure thing, broski, sounds ace. Problem is I got work all day today.
    I think my steam account is generaljwj, or james.jedirepublic ... those are the two things written all over the place wen I turn skype on anyway.
    Not much. I may not have mentioned it here but i'm dating Jared (from FAF) and other than that, not much. Looking for a place to live and applying for jobs like crazy.
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