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    I hit a low point in life FUCKING HELP ME

    Six pls. I have a perfectly fine understanding of the complexity of mental health. I have issues myself. I came off as superior and condescending, and for that I am sorry. However. Like I said, I have issues. Serious ones, that I will probably have to get proper help with. Whilst I am not...
  2. Cain

    Anyone have any tips/resources for expanding vocabulary?

    Reading! Yes, reading. If you can't find the more eloquent pieces of prose, take a look at fanfictions. Yes, the mere mention of that word may bring shivers down people's spines, but seriously. Good fanfictions, and I cannot stress that enough, good fanfictions, are effectively good books...
  3. Cain

    I have a some questions about writing. Help me

    Proofreading would definitely help, but writing in itself would also increase your fluency and grasp of the English language. Nobody wants to read something that has spelling and/or grammatical errors throughout. When you ask if 'the plot can be more focused on the characters rather than the...
  4. Cain

    Is anyone playing Hat Simulator 2014 A.K.A Team Fortress 2?

    I used to play it. Then I began to quickly dislike the weapon system, and the low as hell amounts of damage weapons did. It seems rather pay to win to me imo. And yes, I say this being not very good at the game.
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    Comics staring Forum members! (FAF Adventures 3: Revolutions) (READ THE OP)

    Oh boy, I am glad this came back. Such nostalgia, I remember when the first ones came out. Or the first reincarnation, at least.
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    I hit a low point in life FUCKING HELP ME

    I don't get why people find the holidays depressing. It's a frigging holiday. (I find summer slightly depressing because it gets hot as shit over here and I hate the heat) Relish the fact that you are able to take a break from school/university/work or whatever else you do. And if you sit on...
  7. Cain

    What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? (The unofficial official MLP Thread)

    Re: What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? (The unofficial official MLP Thr It's terrible, ain't it? The one bad thing that's come out due to the large fanbase of the show is the amount of unbelievable hate that it recieves. I acquiesce that some bronies are terrible, but the vast...
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    Hi there, we are a team of Dutch students and need your help...

    I thought this was a spambot for a second. But wait, spambots never double post! I agree with Rob. A search engine that is capable of delivering us the highest quality furry porn is probably what most of us need, let alone want.
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    Oh Lord, how I try. I've been slacking more recently because I've dedicated the time I usually do my quick 10 minutes worth in the morning to getting some more precious sleep. Yet, it still feels the same. Well I do have that going for me. Being bipolar would definitely suck. I would like to...
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    Just a question

    Just taking a quick look at the FA submissions, writing, let alone commissioned pieces of prose, are by far one of the least-seen pieces of art (if you can call some of those wrecks art). If anything, I'd say that if you'd started writing your own short stories/novellas, and they were...
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    What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? (The unofficial official MLP Thread)

    Re: What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? (The unofficial official MLP Thr Oh boy, I missed this thread.
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    Can I take a moment just to describe how amazing my moodswings are? It's utterly fantastic and I'm sure all of you would love to hear me describe what goes on in my most-likely-broken head, in a weird diary-style format. Enjoy. My alarm goes off at 6.15am on a Sunday (for all intensive purposes...
  13. Cain

    If you are going to be alone on Valentines...

    I dislike assigning something so constructed any real meaning, but I won't be alone, so I suppose I can attach just a little bit of intrinsic value to it.
  14. Cain

    Your reaction if Nintendo went third party?

    I like Nintendo. All faults aside, Pokemon. Yes.
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    Not the mama?