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  1. <CaliforniaStripes>

    Your last desire

    Make everyone gay or at least bi, this world would be alot better off if there was some love with all people or is that asking too much >.>
  2. <CaliforniaStripes>

    What keeps you polite?

    My timid, shy and very submissive personality yea im like a docile cat who freaks out easily at the slightest uproar and runs out of the room like a deranged chicken
  3. <CaliforniaStripes>

    Strangest thing you've purchased recently?

    arm warmers 4 different pairs in fact try and get something to go with the collar my boyfriend bought me
  4. <CaliforniaStripes>

    vaforite foods?

    Ribs and Rice Pilaf i could eat that any day of the week
  5. <CaliforniaStripes>

    Fast Food?

    Mamma Mia's Pizza family owned pizza place in Fresno god their calzones are my only weakness!
  6. <CaliforniaStripes>

    The weirdest thing that happened to you at a store.

    I was at a Best Buy looking at the Anime section of dvds as i was reading the backs of them my former buds walked up behind me and scared the crap out of me and i let out a very loud and girly scream. to all those who have heard me scream or laugh i sound like a girl. anyways the whole best buy...
  7. <CaliforniaStripes>

    So who wants to share?

    Draw and Chat with my boyfriend thats about it since his xbox broke on him so i cant play with him online right now.
  8. <CaliforniaStripes>

    What is your sexual orientation

    I am Gay there i said it :P
  9. <CaliforniaStripes>

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Dragon Age:Origins/Awakenings
  10. <CaliforniaStripes>

    Do you.....

    Hmm when i lived in ohio alot of my work money went to my volunteer services at the Ohio Wildlife Center where i cared for orphaned/injured wildlife i volunteered more then donated though but i got to see so many cute animals i liked the baby foxes and beavers they were like little fuzzballs...
  11. <CaliforniaStripes>

    Most embarrassing school moment

    Saying goodbye to friends at school before i moved from Ohio to Cali i gave them a hug one guy i liked but hated myself for it when i hugged him on the last day of school i got a boner he felt it looked down and smiled at me i was so embarrsed that i cried on the way home >.> kinda a wimp :P
  12. <CaliforniaStripes>

    Coming Out: The Thread (Continued)

    Uggh when i told my parents they first said they Love me but dont accept me. Then they said it was for attention/phase, and now they ignore me and tell me only that they pray to god that ill turn straight and they think it will wear off. So far in the 3 months after my love for my boyfriend has...
  13. <CaliforniaStripes>

    Oh my lord, I have arrived, its cold out there!

    May be cold there but its still getting over 110 degrees here T.T welcome to the forums btw :P
  14. <CaliforniaStripes>

    White Screen

    T.T its the end of the world FA is down T.T
  15. <CaliforniaStripes>

    For the gays and lessies only.

    Regular clothes, regular personality. Not a big fan of feminine guys or cross dressing. but that's just my preference.