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    what song u love to listen in high volume?

    Any of the 1843 songs on my iPod. A good Song At High Volume is "Behind Closed Doors" By Rise Against, Mind you, anything by Rise Against is meant to be listened to at Max Volume.
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    how youd like to die?

    Death by Partying too Hard. Or rather, Partying so hard, that ones body literally cannot handle the stress. You Rock out for 17 days straight, only to collapse as you march down the street with your Guitar in one hand and your Drink in the other. Last words? "Lets Go to Wendy's."
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    Duet (The Product From Apogee)

    Has anyone used one of these? I was thinking of getting one, and I have only heard good things. Thought I would do some "customer Research." :rolleyes: Oh, and would you Kindly explain your experience with it, what you did with it, and what programs you used with it? I plan to use Logic...
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    The most difficult video game bosses ever...

    It takes a very sick person to create something that is so close to actually being impossible. I never got a chance to play the international version of Final Fantasy X. Worth buying to try and fight Penance?
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    favOrite drink

    Polar Bear shots and Peppermint schnapps!
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    favorite instrament

    I concur. But my Favorite? Violin. I always loved string instruments, and this one just sounds so... Genuine? I don't know how to describe it. Piano also has the same effect on me.
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    No flight for 'Gay'

    Thats Fucking Clever! Thanks for sharing.
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    Things you should avoid list.

    -People who were different hats then you. -Hard-core drugs. -Hard-core anything, for that matter. Few Exceptions. -Red Lights. -Jack Daniel's No. 1 through 6. -People who promote there children's academic achievements on the bumper of their car. -Scottish Cuisine. -Black Liquorish. -Ignorance...
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    How did you start?

    Quite the musical History you have generated, I do have a question though... Do you prefer a brass sound over a woodwind sound?
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    Hi all! ^^

    Welcome, You can hang up your stable mind and insecurities over by the door, Your on the internet now! BUt seriously, Enjoy your stay.
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    Westboro Baptist church at it again, this time with greyhound victim

    Freddy always seems to be a great source of entertainment for me, Sure he is bat-shit crazy! But by god he gets shit done, doesn't he? In stead of just saying how much he hates things, he actually organizes protests and some such! Truly a Go-Getter. I like how most of the people at the...
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    Werid christian nut meet me at work today.

    Thats marvelous, Spreading the word of God through the Cheeseburgers of the golden arches! .... So did you eat it? :rolleyes:
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    worst and best way to die

    Worst Death? knife in the gut and hung upside down. Seems simple enough, but apparently it takes along time to die from a stomach wound. Optional : Slash the bastards knee caps, I hear thats quite painful. Best Death? Eating Cake and having Sex at the same time. Your elevated heart rate mixed...
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    Your favorite game that no one's heard of

    Truth, at its finest.
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    I can't figure out my voice type.

    Thats really unfortunate. Guess there is nothing online that could help?