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    What painting program do you like best?

    I use it almost exclusively for all my painterly type pieces. I really love its blending options. I tend to use marker, water, and the oil brush the most.
  2. Calypte

    Advice from artists on commission criticism/complaint/feedback?

    I think some people have a problem with taking criticism personally. What OP described sounds very immature for someone who is doing commissioned work. I believe if you're paying money for a service and you are unhappy with the result, you are absolutely entitled to ask for corrections (within...
  3. Calypte

    Does artwork NEED to be deep and meaningful?

    I put absolutely no thought into anything I draw or paint as far as 'meaning' goes. I just care if it looks good. I'm not very good at analyzing things.
  4. Calypte

    Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

    I'm not hard-core into furry so I don't really tell people that I am. I just like to draw fantasy creatures and that kinda meshed with this fandom the most. Almost all my friends are furry though, so perhaps I'm just in denial.
  5. Calypte

    OH SNAP! $15 painterly icon/conbadge combo~

    AHOY THAR. I'm offering $15 painterly icons. I'm doing them at 1000x1000 which translates to 5"x5" at 200 DPI! That's large enough for a conbadge oh yes it is. EXAMPLES! Turned into a 4"x5" (@ 200 DPI) conbadge it looks like this! I'm taking 4 right now. See my journal entry for...
  6. Calypte

    redline needed for chimera character!

    Toraneko, this is fantastic! Thank you. :D Aaromous, The head was even smaller than this actually. I can scale it in the program I'm working in.
  7. Calypte

    redline needed for chimera character!

    Hi guys. This is my first anthro in years and years and years and I need some red-lines from people that are more familiar with humanoid anatomy than myself. I free-handed this completely without using a single photo reference so I know my anatomy is off but I want to know by how much. The pose...
  8. Calypte

    Live art broadcasts and you: post your channels here!

    Hey everybody! Do you like to watch artists draw live? Do you yourself like to broadcast your drawings to other people? Well, you've come to the right thread! I wanted to start a thread for people that use any of the live broadcasting services to post their channel and broadcast times for those...
  9. Calypte

    I need tips with colored pencils and acrylics.

    Exactly. If it doesn't have wax in it, then it can't "bloom". And it's only a problem if you're laying the color on really thick. This is also known as 'burnishing'.
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    My cat is Buddha.

    yeah well... my cat is half parrot because she sits on my shoulder. Like a pirate cat. Arr.
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    I need tips with colored pencils and acrylics.

    High quality colored pencils, like prismacolors, tend to do this thing called 'wax bloom'. Like, say you put down a really thick layer of a dark color (black, perhaps). When it's fresh it looks great and crisp, but as time goes along it starts to get this milky look to it. I forget the...
  12. Calypte

    Commission questions and confusion.

    I personally don't really feel comfortable selling prints of commissioned artwork. I don't even really feel comfortable selling prints of my own character, although there's absolutely no reason for me to feel that way. It's an integrity thing, I guess. If I do a work in a traditional media I...
  13. Calypte

    Your introduction into the Furdom.

    My first furry character was an orca/dinosaur back when the internet was young (1997?). Then I joined the gryphon guild around 1998-1999 with my current fursona which is when I really started to get into furry communities. I started hanging out with real life furries around 2005. Wow, do I feel...
  14. Calypte

    Do you feel like some animals react differently to you?

    birds <3 me for some reason. Even birds that don't like other people. I'm just a bird kinda person, yo. :V
  15. Calypte

    Furfags by age

    I'm in my mid twenties and I already feel old. :(