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    Taking Requests

    I'd love it if you wanted to draw either of my characters Eekale -> http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14872225/ (the ref is chibi but her tail drags on the ground) Jessie -> http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16801785/ thanks for the opportunity :)
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    Summer Fun at Califur!

    Hopefully I'll get to go, depends on my school/work schedule. It would be my first furcon and I've got friends going, so I'm excited :)
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    I...I was also unaware of this being a thing. Why?!
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    Seconding on the diapers/scat/watersports ^^^ Not a big fan of the NSFW stuff done in poor taste - ie cock so big you need a wheelbarrow. I don't mind the more classy stuff, but I prefer to keep it real. Also, some of the detail people put into their NSFW pieces...no thank you.
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    website help

    ~Hello So I am a textile artist catering primarily to the furry/anime communities - most of what I make are tails, ears, plushies, ect. I have had my business up and running for about a year now; I mostly take commissions but am interested in selling premades as well. I do table at...
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    Looking for Fur Scraps

    ~Hello I am currently in the market for fur scraps. Any color (I'd really like some more natural colors) but preferably of a longer pile (1 inch or more). I'm working on some smaller projects right now and just don't have a need for a yard (or even .5 yard) of fur. Ideally I'd like them to be...
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    Yo! I'm new to the forums.

    Hey, hey, watch where you're slobbering *steps back* Welcome to the forums :3
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    Bored in class

    Bleh, my computer's being dumb so I'll upload the sketches later. I was able to get three of you done, hit me with some more guys. I need to procrastinate on my studying for finals.
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    Bored in class

    Just for shits and giggles; I'm bored in class so I figured I'd do a few bust sketches for the first few furs who'd like them. Go nuts kiddos.
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    Families and Furries (how did YOURS react?)

    Ya, they definitely have their quirks but what family doesn't :) They have always tried to understand my hobbys, although the look on my dads face when I jokingly asked him to go to a con with me was priceless. He said he loved me but that was a little too much.
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    Families and Furries (how did YOURS react?)

    I didn't really 'come out' as a furry to my family since I just view it as another fandom I'm a part of, not some part of my identity. The first time it came up was when I mentioned something about getting a fursuit to my mom over the phone. She mostly sounded very confused and asked why I would...
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    Making a headbase thats bigger than your own head?

    What Shizuka said is a good suggestion. While I'm not sure what the exact measurement is of most foam heads (they come in a standard one-size-fits-all), what I have done before is expand the size of the head with duct tape. I do this when I make my foam heads and also to keep my cosplay wigs on...
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    Seeking fursuit head critique

    I agree. The overall head shape and furring look good, but you seem to be utilizing the same face structure for all of them. The tiger should have a shorter muzzle, and the pit bull shorter still. It also seems like you have the same trouble with ears I do, which is making them more of a flat/2D...
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    Looking for NSFW Stuff to Draw

    I'm not a big fan of NSFW art with my characters; but I just had to say you've got a very nice art style :3
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    How do you go about using characters for NSFW art?

    Personally I wouldn't use my sona in something like this, but I probably would phase me if it was one of my OC's. I do know some people create OC's just for using in NSFW pieces, so there is going to be someone out there willing to do it, but like it's been said, asking about it is kind of...