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Captain Howdy
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  • Hey, I like meeting more people who like anime as well as myself, but the topic is "Obscure" Anime.
    The ones you have listed...aren't.
    Though, I am personally a fan of Yugioh GX.
    That's just not the topic to talk about it.
    Sorry, I'm an idiot they are on the show floor. Ken Levin is really awesome game developer. I'm also gonna have to buy an NPG now :C
    From what I heard Bioshock won't be at E3 they had a big showing of it in May. Do you go on Giantbomb?
    I support you and your love of Bioshock. I think Bioshock infinite has the chances to be 100x better Bioshock. Columbia is better then Rapture, the idea of using American history and the setting just is awesome.
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