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  • Haben sie Discord?
    First of all, "Sie" has to be capitalized in this case because you are addressing me in a formal way. "Sie" is formal, "du" is informal. So it would be either "Haben Sie Discord?" or "Hast du Discord?".
    Also, no. I don't use Discord :3
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    Ringtail!!! Hai!!! You're the first Lemur I've seen here!
    Jeez late reply is late... I don't check here very often.
    Oh and I'm no lemur :p I just take a lot of photos of lemurs at the local zoo and I thought a pic of two lemurs boning would be appropriate for a furry board :D
    But, still. You're the first Lemur I've ever seen around here.
    Lemurs are great. I love how cute and derpy they can be! At the local zoo they live in a walkthrough enclosure, so they can come to you. I've known them for about 7 years now, at this point they come out to greet me in the morning :)
    Hallo. Es freut Mich, dass Du zurueckgekommen bist. <3
    Danke! :D
    I just saw that the Phoenix forums are pretty much dead so I want to give FAF a shot again.
    And it's good to hear from you again as well :) I've been pretty dang busy with work so I didn't have much time for internet communities :p
    Vinny is a gem. His Ralph Bluetawn videos give me so much joy. <:

    But I just love Joel's Sims 3 monstrosities a bit more.
    Ah I see. You never can tell who's a sysadmin or who's picking up random tricks these days XD
    Me, I'm training to be a security admin. Right now I'm in the final three months of an associates program in network administration, but will immediately pick up the bachelors for cyber security.
    Hence why I said "I should have known" what the Linux HOSTS file is called and where it is DX
    You know Dobby very well could be gay anyway. ;3 I don't remember J. K. mentioning he and Winky were romantic. I'd sorta love that actually because Dobby was kinda a badass.
    Lol. You fought with honor in that Dobby thread. ;3

    I'd tip my hat to you...but that's more a dorky thing/insult nowadays. I'll just curtsy.
    Good games, that was fun! You ought to give yourself more credit, your timing is really good with Robin!
    Do you have any rule preferences? : ) We don't have to play super serious!
    Did i send you a PM somewhere about asking for photographing large animal advice or not?
    I was gonna but cant remember if i already have :p
    Was going to book a photography day at a wolf sanctuary but dont want to spoil it by having shit pics :p
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