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  • Damn. I'm glad that even though my job can take its toll on me, I don't have to deal with human beings aside from my two co-workers who are pretty swell. Retail/customer service sounds like a nightmare. ;-;
    Yeah, I noticed.

    I don't really care about the kinds of threads people decide to make, unless they break the rules of course. I just decide not to reply and move on. XD
    WHAT DID PEOPLE SCREW UP shit I haven't checked my messages in ages omg sorry

    and my sexlife is great! I'm still a virgin
    Education standards, social sensibilities, and quality of life here is dropping like a stone.
    The only thing growing any larger is the wealth gap between rich and poor. :p
    It always surprised me that grey eyes often have so much yellow pigment in them.
    My eyes are also grey, but quite boring.
    I think in order to understand most of that garble in the Evolution thread, you have to take several hits on acid while sticking a pencil in your brain to comprehend everything.
    Trust in Darwinism, they'll be gone in a dozen years or so.

    (That kid made me fucking miserable tho :C)
    I see I see P: I've actually never heard of it! o: Although that's not overly surprising seeing as how I haven't heard of a lot of animes... but still. LOL P:
    Oooohhhhh okay okay in that case it's translating yuusha as braves instead of the literal translation of heroes P: Cool! Haha, sorry, I speak some japanese and that intrigued me
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