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  • Did I just combo break your stream of messages from staff members?

    I was wondering if you have skype, captain?
    Oh shit I remember Kvatch. I remember something horrible happening, but can't quite recall was. It was at that point I stopped checking for updates. I gotta read this again.
    Ok that's when she visits the queen/duchess/whatever, right? I read until a bit later, but I don't think I ever saw the poledancing game. i can't believe I actually sat through that entire video.
    Yeah I recall reading some of it a long time ago (even though I'm not into MSPA or TES I thought it was amazing), wanted to catch up. Thanks!
    Your previous avatar, the one with the cat lady from the MSPA-esque comic, what was that comic's name? I can't for the life of me remember.
    "Just because we cannot disprove it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist" <------------- The most common argument for this kind of thing ever.
    Hey. You have Skype, AIM, MSN, anything like that? I'm actually interested in talking with you.

    I hope I haven't seemed too hostile in the past.
    ...that must have been very very weird for the boy who survived, having been through such a horrible event but then also being used as the object of people's divine aspirations. I suppose many confuse the idea of 'miraculous' with 'unlikely', when there's little that's astonishing about probability.
    When I asked those questions to religionists they said that I was 'treating god like a cosmic vending machine,'...so okay, praying for eternal eupheric rewards and pampering is acceptable but asking for a leg to be restored for a maximum of 80 years is pushing it?
    Well the idea of god people have in their minds is often both, sadly.

    I'll take a look at your fa userpage. I draw extensively, mostly in biro and ink.
    Hmm, like thanking god that a relative survives an operation, rather than thanking the surgeon.

    It's a bit similar to ancient egypt, if you exchange the pharoah for a pope. x3 and yes unfortunately the temptation of a reward can distract people from the means by which they achieve it, which is ironic because christianity's doctrines say that temptation is bad. I think routine is pretty crucial too, even when I stopped being religious I still prayed regularly for a few months eventhough I knew nobody was there, I suppose because I had become used to the routine.
    Speaking of watch maker arguments and first causes, it's so much fun when 'chicken and egg' comes up; if somebody says 'the chicken came first because god made it', it's good sport to say 'yes I agree, but the egg came first because god hatched from an egg' ;3 it really gets some people irrate.

    Do you draw?
    Not only is science elegant, but it's more than doubled our dark age life expectancy, which should be enough for anybody to be amazed by it, but I suppose solving mysteries may never be as fun as the mystery itself for some people; if you have a treasure chest locked shut the idea of the riches inside it is almost certainly more appealing than opening it and risking finding out that it could be empty.
    I agree there, it's taking advantage of a child's openness to new ideas to fill their head up with your prejudices before they have a chance to critically inspect them, but I suppose religions which do that have a higher likelihood of spreading, so they're more common. :\
    I expect people read the chris hitchens quote in your signature and assume you want to 'sterilise' the world of religion or something like that. It's so weird that it's socially acceptable to criticise someone for believing in wizzards and werewolves, but not for believing in angels or daemons.
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