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  • You know what's weird? I was driving last time to see my friend up 30 miles from my home, and I saw this huge ass CAR FOX inflatable thing that was like 30 feet tall out of a car dealership. Is it like a franchise or something? I'm kind of confused since I totally saw it before too.
    I don't know if I'm dumb, or that's a regional word but I don't understand grade..
    It's a old 99 model 1.1l petrol.. old banger now.
    Nope, but it doesn't mean it's not for sale haha! Naw but really, if the persons doesn't sell, they'll basically letting a piece of custom automotive history rot and die. I want to bring it back from the edge and make it brake the top.

    If I caught you, you'd know :twisted:
    Alright, so you know how I said I was lookin for a candidate for a rat rod. Well guess what, did I ever find one hell of one! I'm right now trying to buy it. Got to get ahold of the owner. Well enyways, it's a frankin car. It has the frame of a model T (I think), and the body has been moved over the rear axel, roofless, has an old flat head V8 in the middle of the frame, and a grill that looks like a smile face. I've only seen it from the road so yea. Hope I can get it though.

    Pretty bad, you had to take a vacation haha!
    Wonder what it's like to hang out with you. Actually, wonder what it'd be like to hang out with you in florida (my part) were every car you can think of rolls through one time or two. And I don't know if it's because I'm tired as hell or because I just got done reading an awesome part of an awesome story, but I read "four" as "fur". Wtf.

    I could say y'all are still tricky. Just in one weird ass way I found out :shock:

    It probably is the same reason the bicycling and motorcycle worlds don't cross, similar, just no one does too much of both. The car was alright. Personally, I'm more interested in the value haha! That or when ever some one says Fox body Mustang. It's one of those things that I just smile and laugh, in my head.
    Well I know what to look out for now. I've probably seen them ride around. Just never knew it. But if I do see one I'll let you know.

    Does this go for only the "classic" fox, or all of your kind haha. Actually reminds me, me and my family were riding around in the woods no too long ago and we saw a fox. First thing out of me mouth, without even thinking, was "slut". Talk about some weird looks.

    As far as I know no one has done enything like this. So I'd be basically a pioneer. It'd be awesome if I started a trend in the furry/auto world. I never realy classified the Road Runner as enything more then a fun car to own for a couple years.
    3 and 4 are out. I would say probably 1. I'm going to ing up pulling a creeper move, driving by the house to see what that damn car is. It's killing me to know.

    I sees were your goin ,':)

    Might want to watch out telling some one to lay something on you, never know what'll happen :v

    Well remember when I said if one of the big three were to make an OHC 4 valve V8. Well it turns out one does. And it's ford. It's a 302 DOHC 4 valve. And it makes over 500hp with just a stock tune out of the crate. And here is another awesome fact. It's called a coyote. So, I was figuring, why not put it in a toyota. But that's when it struck me. I can call it a Coy-ote (ky-ote). And have a custom paint job with a coyote in it. Then I was like wait, I could relate this to being a furry. You know, put something like "Furry from Hell" in sheet metal across the rear tube section of the frame. So I'm basically going to be building a furry based badass truck in a couple years. And drive it to cons. What do you think?
    One day, you may be as much of a smart ass as me.

    Wow, you can actually think of something from that. Alright, the only real thing I can say I noticed that caught my attention was tue fact that behind the driver side front tire on the fender, it said "4wd" in really bold crome at that. Triangular rear, side windows. And damn near square tail lights. As soon as I saw 4wd, what I thought was automatic, and import I'm not familiar with, I said the hell with that.

    You should try some RP's with some one, practice that inner hidden slut haha. Dude, ever since the invention of a fox fursona, it's never been the same.

    And guess what I found out, can't remember if I already told you.
    Haha! Nioce.

    I can't remember exactly what it was. Hell it could have been a toyota. I know it was from the late 80's early 90's because it had some narlly front and rear bumpers. Thing could have been a bumpercar. Two door. Some what swept back. And a shit interior design. I thought it was an automatic because the way the shifter was on the floor, didn't appear to have eny lateral movement. But noooo, the dude drive off and a heard that 1st to 2nd stutter. I remember some guy I saw ths took a volkswagen bug, and chopped it, full tune frame, and a 1200cc motorcycle engine in it. Talk about fast.

    And I swear there could not be a better name for you. Only if you were a little more slutty, like just a hint. Haha.
    I forgot about the protective gear. Tells you how I ran in my truck haha. Wing windows, talk about nice to have. And at 80mph, it's like ac. Just, not. I'm always up for free service. Well now! You has made a funny! Awesome! I knew I would teach you sometime haha.

    Well in that case I know were a 4wd subaru is. It probably could use some boost, and head work, and drive train work, but it could work. Be the best with the worst. But if I had a lot of random money laying around, I would so make the worlds best rally smart car.
    The baja 1000 probably has seen a few overnight sleepers haha. When I think of race car, insulation isn't the first thing that comes to mind. I mean you have header rap, floor pan shield, yes. But an insulated can, just don't seen right for some strang weird reason. Well I've got a truck/s, and insurance, but have never used that service. Usually the only service I get is a tow rope and good friend haha. Well if they can't access it, they need a better driver.

    600Hp sounds like a decent amount. But I guess not all of them have that. But yes, I wouldn't race one on a road coarse. You know, something with multiple left and right turns. So if I started with an AWD smart car, I could more or less go all out and do what ever? Always thought that rally races were more than one at a time kind of race. Something with a whole shot.
    Some realy have had to sleep in their car tell morning. Hope it wasn't cold. I've only done that a couple times. It's not very fun. Once was in a regular can. The other in a king can, so it wasn't too bad in comparison. I didn't know that rally racers had AAA. Learn something new every day.

    If I had the extra money for a rally car I would have to enter in a race. I now of some awesome places to practice. So land isn't an issue. It's like street racing, but legal. (my auto correct replaced "legal" with "lethal", kind of funny). But with all my other motor based hobbies, it doesn't look good haha.
    That was sarcasm. About the alternator haha. But if the alternator was to go out in my truck or car (which it has) I just keep going and don't stop. You'd be surprised just how long you can go on a the battery a lone. And on the road, if your racing, you find a friends house that's close, and you find one quick. But if your in an actual classed race, I'd still keep going.

    If you can find cars/trucks like that, get one. Grab a new frame and you have the best project build you could hope for. Doesn't have to be pre-40's. The only build that is impossible to fuck up haha.
    I kid you not I had one person say that the races are at night because the air is cooler and denser. I mean yes, tue air is cooler and denser, but that's sure not main reason haha! Headlights, they are useful. Guess they would help in a race at night. Now, what happens if the alternator goes out? Ho oh what now. And yea the truck is fine. It's just the motor that blew. I'll put a new one in it and back sideways it goes :)

    Literally enything is kit available. When you haven hat much raw potential on a build. It brings out what kind of builder the person is. There is so many cars you are missing out on. I've seen evey type of car build you can think of. From the oldest resto, to the newest super modified. It well be awesome when you finally do see a nice rat rod. You won't forget it. I never forgot the first I saw. And old ass, model t truck. Chopped, channeled, and rust in just the right places. Bob wire around the lights, and a trash bag as a seat cover. Talk about a sight to see.
    Night racing for street racing makes complete since. That I know haha. See now we're making some since. Not all the race is in dark. Racing at night is not that bad. I used to love parking lots on rainy nights. So many bald back tires were made because of that. But that truck blew up.

    I have seen more sand rails that use volkswagen motors that I care to count. And had one. I also seen more rat rods than I could count haha. But I'll tell ya, when you see a rat rod with tons of character and uniqueness, you can look at it for hours and find new things that they did the whole time. That and when it's an old rat rod that has just the best back story, it's awesome.
    They have mountain races at night? The hell with that haha. See I would mess with some one. I'd put two small LEDS on the back of their rear window so when they look back they think they are seeing head lights on their ass. I do all my racing in the day light so I've never heard that saying.

    I wonder if they have a kit car for the volkswagen Thing. If they have one for that, that'd be awesome. And then try to put a Ford 302 in it. Even funner. If you were to check the auction records for all the Shelby Cobras that have been sold. There have been more individuals sold, then there were made. Tell ya what I would like to build me a rat rod truck.
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